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Day trip

Say what you will about their politics and views, but the Obamas’ love was made for movie screens. Southside With You is not a political-driven narrative. It quite simply is a walk-and-talk feature that follows a young Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) as they fall for each other during their first date.

After good showing, local comedy fest preps for 2017

Organizers only recently finished their inaugural Denton Comedy Festival, but they are already working on the 2017 fest.


Diversity? Second City’s not kidding

LOS ANGELES — With the debate over diversity in Hollywood growing louder, the conversation will shift toward the world of comedy with the announcement of the Diversity in Comedy Festival by Hollywood’s Second City comedy club.

The Ink Factory

Suite dreams

AMC is known for their slow burn series. Just look at Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and even The Walking Dead as examples.


Jones website hack reveals stars’ tricky cyber landscape

LOS ANGELES — The hateful hack of comedian Leslie Jones’ personal website reveals the tricky cyber landscape celebrities tread and the murky legal protections that exist for personal digital content.

Briefly in the arts

The UNT Press’ newest release, Convict Cowboys: The Untold History of the Texas Prison Rodeo by Mitchel Roth, is available online.


Stick sculptor gains global following

BOYLSTON, Mass. — The towering, whimsical shapes Patrick Dougherty creates by twisting and weaving sticks together have gained him an international following. Now, the artist who lives in a log cabin near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is back in New England to build two more of his almost cartoon-like stick sculptures.

Glass Animals terrific on new CD

For their ambitious sophomore album, the members of the indie-electronic band Glass Animals got some creative help from an unlikely source — total strangers.


Doughnuts, classes tap Pokemon’s popularity

NEW YORK — Weeks into the Pokemon Go craze, demand remains strong for Pokeball-shaped treats made by a high-end doughnut company, one of many businesses and organizations coming up with creative ways to lure players in their search for the elusive “pocket monsters.”

Music scene subject of meeting

A town hall meeting to dissect the crumbling state of Denton’s music venues attracted more than 300 people to the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center on Monday night.

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Shudders of anxiety

The recent closure of the Old Dirty Basement at J&J’s Pizza on the downtown Denton Square set off shudders of anxiety in the city’s music scene. Already sore from the closure of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal...

North Texas Fair and Rodeo Schedule

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Musician contributes to Disney soundtrack

Denton County musician and University of North Texas alumnus Andrew Tinker stopped by the Denton Record-Chronicle recently to perform the song he and Toby Halbrooks wrote for the Disney film, Pete’s Dragon. The film, starring Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard, opened Aug. 12.

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Buddy flick

The transition from childhood to adulthood, where boys become men and girls become women, is undoubtedly a significant stepping stone in everyone’s life. However, the age at which it happens and how you chose to celebrate the rite of passage entirely depends on where you live and what culture you grow up in.

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Hunting season

It happens: a movie that’s not all bad gets eaten alive. We saw it happen with this year’s Alice Through the Looking Glass and more recently with Suicide Squad. Not to say these movies don’t have their buckets of problems, but in no way should they be deemed a bad apple.

Briefly in the arts

Keep Denton Beautiful is now accepting applications for its Environmental Education Grants Program for the 2016-17 school year.

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Plano festival aims to spotlight downtown as a legit arts district

When North Texans think about local arts districts, the ones in Dallas and Fort Worth likely come to mind. But what about Plano? A new, free festival in the suburb hopes to spotlight the downtown area as a bonafide arts hub.

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East Dallas filmmaker takes director’s chair for remake

David Lowery is a different kind of dude. He’s making the jump from small independent films like Ain’t Them Bodies Saints to a re-imagining of Pete’s Dragon for Disney.

Bennett honored for 90th birthday

SAN FRANCISCO — If ever there was a man worthy of a grand birthday bash in San Francisco, it had to be Tony Bennett. And that is exactly what happened Friday.


Riders sees artistry in custom motorcycles

Local motorcycle enthusiasts and designers get together every Sunday on the Square to swap notes, make friends and talk about the art behind their hobby. The meetup group started as a way to promote the Denton Independent Motorcycle Show, a gallery show in October that will focus on custom motorcycles, but organizer Kacey Close said the group since has grown into a community.


J&J’s Pizza closes up a long-running basement venue, and fans reflect

The beloved basement at J&J’s Pizza on the Square, long considered a haven for local and touring bands, is closing after one last music-filled weekend, capping off about 15 years of shows in the small underground space.


A Sunny disposition

Sunny Sweeney has a theory on why East Texas has produced more than its fair share of top country talent. A hypothesis explaining why the music seems to flow so easily.

Keith Shelton: The street where you live

People who live on Bass Road in Denton may or may not realize their street is named for Denton’s most famous criminal. Sam Bass robbed stagecoaches and passenger trains in the 1870s.

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‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ star creates big bang with Streep

It’s been a big year for Simon Helberg. His beloved character Howard Wolowitz is on his way to becoming a father in the upcoming season of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.


Liberation of ‘Gotham’

The cinematic battle between Marvel and DC Comics is never ending. It seems as though we can never bring up one without mentioning the other.

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Trejo lends voice, experience to docu-series

A double portion blessing is occurring with the newly released DVD, Rock Bottom and Back docu-series hosted by Hollywood actor and iconic film villain Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn: The TV Series).

Briefly in the arts

Denton Public Library will include historical editions of Denton High School’s yearbook, The Bronco, to the Portal to Texas History, located at www.texashistory.unt.edu.

Cubicle concert: Andrew Tinker performs Disney soundtrack song

Denton County musician and University of North Texas alumnus Andrew Tinker stopped by the Denton Record-Chronicle to perform the song he and Toby Halbrooks wrote for the Disney film, Pete’s Dragon.

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Woman power

She may not look it, but Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year.

Pam Rainey: When life’s seasons scare you, saddle up

Life changes. I say those words not sarcastically, but from my own foolish thoughts when I was young. I thought life would stay the same forever.

Preston Barta

‘Don’t Think Twice’ provides life-affirming advice to students

Today, we’re often told, “Go to college” and everything will be better. While it definitely does help, I personally didn’t expect to be where I was a year after graduating.

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Tegan and Sara are veterans with fresh feel

NEW YORK — Tegan and Sara remember the unfiltered advice Neil Young and his manager gave them when they were signed to the rock icon’s Vapor Records 16 years ago as budding 19-year-old singers.

Briefly in the arts

The Visual Art League of Lewisville presented its annual juried show, “Fresh Ideas 2016,” which will run through Sept. 10 at the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Art Gallery located at 100 North Charles Street in Lewisville. The Gallery is free and open to the public.

NBC gears up for Olympics with exhaustive coverage plan

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC’s plans for the Olympics in Rio over the next two weeks define the term “exhaustive.”

The Bachelorette: Week 10 recap

JoJo’s task: Choose between bachelors Jordan and Robby.

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A University of North Texas professor and her crew has wrapped up filming for Cuban. Earth., a documentary about one group’s environmental education efforts in Cuba, which is tentatively slated for completion this fall.


Potter play shows world still is wild about Harry

LONDON — There are fans with wands and wizard costumes, midnight book parties and throngs of excited muggles. Harry Potter’s magic is back.

Damon’s company is taking steps to address diversity crisis

LOS ANGELES — Matt Damon is taking steps to address the diversity crisis in Hollywood through his and Ben Affleck’s production company, Pearl Street Films, and collaboration with the people behind the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative at USC’s Annenberg School.

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To love, or to live as beast

Many of us rely on big studio productions for our cinematic entertainment because of the convenience of driving down the street to the local Movie Tavern or Cinemark.

The Ochard

Man with autism finds voice through Disney

Movies have the ability to affect viewers differently. Some films evoke wonder and excitement, while others inform and provoke fear.

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Nas venturing into filmmaking

ATLANTA — Nas, one of music’s most revered lyricists and storytellers, is taking his talents into filmmaking. The rapper has traded performing onstage to work behind-the-scenes as an executive producer on projects including Netflix’s The Get Down and IFC Films’ The Land, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday.

Aniston essay inspires actresses to address sexist standards

LOS ANGELES — When one of Hollywood’s most objectified women talks about tabloid culture, people listen. But while actresses are cheering Jennifer Aniston’s recent essay connecting the media’s obsession with her looks to the overall objectification of women, most are resigned that reality will be slow to catch up with the conversation.

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Actress who played TV psychic Miss Cleo dies

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The actress who became famous playing the Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo, claiming to know callers’ futures in ubiquitous TV infomercials and commercials 15 years ago, has died of cancer.

Broadway giant James Nederlander dead at 94

NEW YORK — James M. Nederlander, who took over the fledgling Nederlander Organization from his father and built it into one of the largest producers of live entertainment and a dominant national theater chain that includes nine Broadway houses, has died. He was 94.


The Bachelorette: Week 9 recap

JoJo’s task: Narrow the group of four bachelors to two.

Man with autism finds voice through Disney films

Movies have the ability to affect viewers differently. Some films evoke wonder and excitement, while others inform and provoke fear. Whatever the affect, all films contain a prevailing message or theme of some kind.

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A gay Sulu?

Sulu is gay. That was among the first viral tidbits to emerge from the new Star Trek Beyond, which opens Friday.

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‘Indulge with confidence,’ says Willie Nelson of his new Reserve marijuana brand

Country music icon Willie Nelson, long an advocate of marijuana legalization, is putting his money where his mouth (and joint) is by launching Willie’s Reserve, a new marijuana brand to be introduced in Washington and Colorado over the next few months.

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It looks simple, but planking pays off big

Consider the plank. Not the pirate variety, not the kind into which you hammer nails, not the kind on which salmon rests while being grilled. Instead, The Plank.