Better together

Four University of North Texas students make up one of the best barbershop quartets in the world.

Briefly in the arts

DVD reviews: You may say he’s a dreamer

Creativity soon to fill park

If you are an arts enthusiast of any kind, next weekend’s Denton Arts & Jazz Festival will be right up your alley.

Best of Denton

The votes are in, 142,634 to be exact, and they are counted. Here is the results of this year's Best of Denton.

Best of Denton: Autos

Best of Denton: Life & Fun

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Brace yourself

FORT WORTH — Larry the Cable Guy secretly might have been the only person at Texas Motor Speedway who was glad rain plagued last weekend’s Duck Commander 500.

Briefly in the arts

DVD reviews: 1800s escapades

Gilding the produce aisle

Denton artist Pam Burnley-Schol’s most recent work is a search for that tiny, nearly atomically fine point where life is suspended between the fragile and the strong.

Pam Rainey: Phone ‘pocketing’ robs you of more than money

When I wrote February’s column about senior bullying, it was written with a sincere desire to begin conversations about the subject. Enthusiastic feedback tells me the subject interests many.

DVD reviews: Watching the detectives

The popular British series "Broadchurch," broadcast here on BBC America, features esteemed Shakespearean actor David Tennant as Alec Hardy, a grumpy, disheveled detective sent to a small coastal town to investigate the murder of an 11-year-old boy.

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Ordinary magic

Poet Katie Peterson is in the business of finding words. But she came up short when trying to explain how excited she was when the University of North Texas creative writing program named her the winner of the 2014 Rilke Prize.

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DVD reviews: Royal treatment

This week, we begin in Sweden: Persona (****) Not rated, 83 minutes.

Long look back

Denton singer and composer Lanelle Blanton looked to the United States’ past to create Promised Land, the fourth cantata she has created through Trinity Presbyterian Church.

DVD reviews: The Bogie man

Voted in 2000 by the American Film Institute as the greatest movie star of the 20th century, Humphrey Bogart now receives royal treatment from Warner Home Video with this Blu-ray collection.

DVD reviews: Hidden sides

Briefly in the arts

Sundown Collaborative Theatre

Local theater company returns to fringe fest

In just its sixth season, Denton’s Sundown Collaborative Theatre is staging a play at its third invitational fringe festival.

DVD reviews: Just folk

In "Inside Llewyn Davis," a sublime shaggy-dog story from the Coen brothers, Oscar Isaac plays Llewyn Davis, a mooch and a bit of a jerk. But in 1961 Greenwich Village, he also seems to be unequal parts of the many folk singers who broke on the scene about that time.

Competition tests strength in stretching truth

One by one, each of the six “Olympians” took the stage at the Denton Civic Center on Saturday to display their storytelling abilities rather than athletic talent.

Briefly in the arts

Alexandra Cates

Benefit concert to kick off fundraising for Strecher family

A benefit concert this Sunday will kick off a monthlong fundraising campaign to support a University of North Texas freshman who suffered a brain hemorrhage Jan. 1.

Word power

The state storytelling festival is a spring rite in Denton, and this weekend marks the 29th year that some of the best and brightest storytellers have traveled to the city to share folklore, mix music with tales, and compete to see who’s the best liar around.

‘12 Years a Slave’ earns best picture at 86th Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Perhaps atoning for past sins, Hollywood named the brutal, unshrinking historical drama “12 Years a Slave” best picture at the 86th annual Academy Awards.

Hustle and flow

Spenser Liszt got an album out of his master’s degree in jazz studies at the University of North Texas College of Music.

Lucinda Breeding: Snarky Puppy won fans by making connections

Mike League supposes that winning a Grammy Award will yield bigger paychecks to the musicians of Snarky Puppy roughly 10 months from now. The Denton-born band just picked up the golden gramophone for Best R&B Performance with soulful songtress Lalah Hathaway.

Pam Rainey: Make the effort to tend to friends

I’m an old geezer who has joined social media.

DVD Reviews: Brutal viewing

Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Solomon Northup, a free man in 1841 New York who is abducted and sold into slavery in the South. The Oscar-nominated Ejiofor turns in a powerful, passionate yet unaffected performance as Northup, who documented his experiences of torture and humiliation at the hands of his various owners in a best-selling book of the time, which Oscar-nominated John Ridley used for the screenplay.

DVD Reviews: Weight of the world

Director and co-writer Alfonso Cuaron delivers a magnificent work with plenty of twists and striking images while also paying homage to past classics of the outer-space genre. Gravity conveys to viewers what it feels like to actually be in space — and, worse, to be lost in space.

Briefly in the arts

Sweet emotion

Saxophone player and University of North Texas music professor Brad Leali says jazz and gospel music are knitted into his DNA. Both inform the way he plays.


Thin Line jury winners announced

This year’s jury winners in the Thin Line Film Festival, one feature film and two short films, offered fresh perspectives on Western values.

DVD reviews: Age before beauty


Thin Line starts hot

A record-setting crowd of more than 400 people turned out Wednesday for the opening night of Thin Line, a five-day documentary film and music festival in downtown Denton that kicked off with a film about the city.


Volunteers drive Thin Line

Nearly 30 people spent a portion of the day Saturday at the Campus Theatre for volunteer training in preparation for Thin Line, a documentary film and music festival that opens Wednesday in downtown Denton.

Thin Line Schedule

Fest to light up screens, stages

Thousands of people are expected to pour into downtown Denton this week for the Thin Line documentary film and music festival.

DVD reviews: Man and the sea

Writer-director J.C. Chandor has executed a well thought-out story with craft, precision and impeccable rhythm. And he has done this while facing an extreme dramatic challenge.

Briefly in the arts

Briefly in the arts