Best of Denton 2013: Taking Care of Business

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Minor & Jester

515 S. Carroll Blvd.


For the second year in a row, Denton has placed Minor & Jester PC at the top of the attorney category for Best of Denton.

“We’re proud to continue the legacy Mr.Minor began in 1917 when he opened his law practice in Denton,” said Jill Jester. “We strive to continue tradition of integrity and excellence as we continue to expand our firm.”

Jester said the office practices expertise includes real estate, family law, business, bankruptcy and wills and probates.

“Our firm is one of the oldest here in town, each of our attorneys have roots here in Denton. We care about our city as well as what our clients are going through,” Jester said. “They come to us at very tough times in their lives and we are very sensitive to that and try to help them in any way we can. I think…hopefully our work speaks for itself. We have a reputation of hardworking and honest group of attorneys.

Runner-up:Tim Powers

Bragging rights: Reib Law



Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto

620 Fort Worth Drive


Tommy Drisdale would like to take the opportunity to say “thank you” for voting Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto “Best in Denton” four years in a row.

“We could not have done it without you, our loyal customers,” wrote Kathy Drisdale. “We would also like to thank you for referring us to your family and friends.”

Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto has been undergoing significant remodeling for the past 18 months and and the owners hope to be finished by May 1.

The office is planning to hold a grand opening ceremony and a customer appreciation day to celebrate, Kathy Drisdale said.

Once completed, the new Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto will feature a remodeled front office, nine garage bays, awnings for customers who drive up and much more.

At some point, before completion, the owners will combine their two shops.

“Tommy’s Honda and Toyota will be joining us at Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto,” Kathy Drisdale wrote.

Runner-up: Charlie Beck’s Garage

Bragging rights: Dave’s Foreign Auto



Best Bailbonds

Shawn Cagle- City Hall Bailbonds

1602 East McKinney Street


Taking on the family business of becoming a bail bondsman stemmed mostly from name recognition within the community, Shawn Cagle, owner of Shawn Cagle- City Hall Bailbonds, said.

“It’s great getting this award for the second year,” he said of the recognition. “I’m very proud to be voted #1 in Denton ….I’ve put in a lot of hard work to deserve the recognition.”

The name recognition started with his father’s business, Cagle Bail Bonds where he worked part-time. Shortly after it closed, he re-opened a bail bonds business of his own in 1997.

Cagle said one of the most important things about his business is they aren’t going to lie to you.

“So many places overcharge and outright lie to their clients,” Cagle said.” We believe in honesty when doing business.”

Customers seem to like the openness and fair advice and that’s what keeps them coming.

“The public trusts us. We have been straightforward with them right from the beginning,” Cagle, owner for more than 18 years, said.

Runner-up: Webb

Bragging rights: Andale Bail Bonds




225 W. Mulberry St.


DATCU is this year’s best financial institution, offering quality service to each of its customers, and to the community as a whole through the many organizations with which its employees volunteer.

Founded in 1936, DATCU is a member-owned credit union that is a not-for profit. This year, DATCU celebrates its 77th anniversary and currently serves more than 70,000 members. Also this year, DATCU was named one of the 2013 Best Companies to Work for in Texas, sponsored by Texas Monthly, Texas Association of Business, Texas State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management and Best Companies Group.

With three locations in Denton and six others across North Texas, DATCU continues to be the reader’s choice for best bank/financial institution.

Runner-up: PointBank

Bragging rights: Northstar Bank of Texas



Campus Barber Shop

311 East. Hickory St.


Jeremy Carroll prides himself on keeping his barbershop loose and drama free. Denton residents seem to agree as his was voted best barbershop in Denton for the second year in a row.

“It’s a pretty big honor,” he said. “We have a lot of good customers too that’s the main thing.”

Carroll said his barbershop, while offering services like straight razor shaving provides a laid back atmosphere.

“We’re not real pretentious, we try to keep it real over here,” Carroll said. “We sit over here and pick on guitars…people will just stop in because they know we have the Ranger game on.”

Carroll has been in his East McKinney location for the past two years. Campus Barbershop has been in Denton since 1959 and running under the current name since 1968 on Fry Street.

“So we have a little legacy going on,” Carroll said.

Runner-up:Unique Barber Stylists

Bragging rights: Northside Barber Shop



Extreme Cuisine Catering

2126 Hamilton, Suite 430, Argyle


Chef Matt Fairchild’s and Chef Kathleen Francis’ love for food and passion for service are what drives them to make Extreme Cuisine Catering the best of its kind, and is what has attracted customers from all over DFW for over a decade. They have a wide variety of exquisite culinary dishes that they are just waiting to serve you at your next event. Extreme Cuisine caters to Weddings, Corporate events, Parties, and Holiday Celebrations. Extreme Cuisine Catering also wants to help you learn to create culinary genius. They offer customers classes in which they can learn the skills they need to cook like a professional. When you’ve won Best of Denton two years in a row you know you’re doing something right.

Runner-up: El Guapo’s

Bragging rights: Sweetwater Grill & Tavern



The Wash Factory

1135 S. Loop 288


When Brad Mann founded the Wash Factory he had one goal in mind, to provide a quality car wash at an affordable price and in a timely manner that any customer could appreciate. This is exactly what every customer experiences when they go to the “$3 ride-thru car wash”. Prices range from $3-10 and have features that increase with each package. The car wash is simple and easy to use. Customers pay at one of three touch screens, and then drive around to the wash where an attendant guides them through. Then the customer can drive around to one of 26 vacuum stations, where they can do any detailing or finishing touches. The wash itself takes around five minutes. Customers can also have peace of mind, because The Wash Factory is environmentally friendly.

They recycle 95 percent of the water they use, and only use biodegradable solutions. Washing your car there uses 80 percent less water than if you washed your car at home.

So if your car is dirty, and you want to go to a local place where you’ll receive great value and service, then The Wash Factory is the place for you.

Runner-up: Heritage Carwash

Bragging rights: Lonestar



Lux Chiropractic

116 Ferguson St.


Blocks from the Square, readers voted Lux Chiropractor, Best Chiropractor: the place to go when you have a killer backache.

Located just north of the Denton Square, Lux Chiropractic is always friendly and willing to work out your kinks. Its staff is dedicated to making sure you find the balance you need using its services and will leave you wanting to come back for your next appointment.

Just ask Lux Chiropractic for yourself to figure out what the best plan is — get those pains worked out where you can find your sense of balance, because Denton readers already know this to be true.

Runner-up: Advanced Relief Chiropractic

Bragging rights: Affordable Chiropractic



Comet Cleaners

507 W. University Dr.


Denton Record-Chronicle readers voted Comet Cleaners: best cleaning service in Denton for your dirty laundry. It’s obvious; this is the place to get the best firm press in town.

Offering same-day pickup, and an always-friendly staff dedicated to making certain your cleaning demands are met, these laundry specialists know how to fold and clean your dirty garments.

With affordable prices, this one-stop cleaning shop is located in the mecca of Denton on University Drive and is ready to take your next load.

Comet Cleaners gives back to the Denton community too; recognized by the Denton school district and Denton Chamber of Commerce as a top adopter. It gives $300 a year in free cleaning to all of the local high schools’ bands, choir andorchestra, according to its website.

Runner-up: Maid in America

Bragging rights: Lee Cleaners



Geek on Wheels

512 N. Locust St.


Computer service and repair needs to be more than just avoid the problem until it becomes too big or to call on Bob in accounting who is good with computers.

And for that there are the Geek on Wheels.

Reese Ormand calls his business, which has been in Denton since 2001, a one-stop IT shop for everything from the home users laptop infected with a virus to full IT support for all sorts of businesses.

“We’re honored to get the award,” Ormand said of being voted the top computer service repair business.

“I think it’s our customer service. We try to go above and beyond for every customer.

“We’re really happy to be part of Denton and be a local business.

“We’ve been able to survive and even thrive in the economic climate we have been in.”

Ormand said the Geeks specialize in small business support.

“Business and companies that get overlooked when it comes to IT,” he said.

You know, the guys who call on Bob.

“We’re able to offer proactive support, off-site backup solutions, local backup solutions and disaster recovery.”

Ormand and his staff are looking at the future as well as they see more and more people transitioning to the cloud for storage and remote support.

“We are aggressively trying to adapt with the changes in the IT market and be on top of the latest technologies so we are able to support the customers when they decide to make the changes and offer support on whether it would be wise to do so,” he said.

Runner-up: Skinny Guys

Bragging rights: Local circuit




Denton Dance Conservatory

4103 Mesa Dr.


A little dance can last a lifetime, according to Lisa Racina-Torre, dancer and owner of the Denton Dance Conservatory.

“After teaching 25 years, it’s obvious to me dance is quite an enhancement to a child’s early development. They have to think about so many things as they are training,” Racina-Torre said.

Students from ages four through the adults learn French, learn how to control their bodies, flexibility and how to work in a group - a lot of elements all at once for a number of years.

“What makes unique is I have dancers who have all different types of goals. Some dancers take dance for recreation, some because they want to be great ballerinas, some want to get better and train for drill team and cheerleading, some want to go in for musical theatre,” Racina-Torre said.

“Here at the conservatory we try to make sure everyone gets a well-rounded dance education so they can do what they want,” stated Racina-Torre.

Her studio, founded in 1988, brings in dancers from dance programs at both local universities to lead classes in several areas of dance. The studio teaches ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and there is also a non-profit dance company that rehearses at the studio.

Runner-up: Denton Ballet

Bragging rights: A Time to Dance



Wellspring Christian Academy

1919 N. Elm St.


Parents trust Wellspring Christian Academy with their most precious possession, their children. And due to the care Wellspring provides, voters in Denton have placed it on top of all others in town as 2013 Best of Denton for daycare.

The facility is an academic preparatory school and also offers extended day and summer camp programs designed to build children’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual character.

The facility used to be Asbury United Methodist Church before co-owner Charlotte Allen and her husband Dalton created the academy.

At the child care center, children focus on their cognitive skills – learning phonics, hand writing, math, science and reading readiness. They also develop their social skills through special events and through camp activities.

Runner-up: Springbok Academy

Bragging rights: Alpha Academy at Oakmont



Dr. Gaylen Z. Fickey, D.D.S.

1314 N. Locust St.


Dr. Fickey has served Denton County residents since 1975 and has been voted the best in this year’s category of “best dentist.”

Dr. Fickey received his bachelor of science degree from Texas A&M University in 1971 and his doctor of dental surgery degree from the University of North Texas Dental Branch in Houston in 1975, according to his website.

Dr. Fickey is a member of the Texas Dental Association, American Dental Association, Denton County Dental Society, Denton Dental Study Club, Fourth District Dental Society and the Denton Chamber of Commerce.

Runner-up: Dr. James Pavelka

Bragging rights: Dr. Marc Morris



Timothy McGuire, M.D.

1614 Scripture, Suite 8


As of this summer, Dr. Timothy McGuire will have been serving Denton and Denton County residents for almost 25 years.

The longtime Denton physician is dedicated to keeping his customers informed about their well being and how they can achieve maximum health.

In fact, communication is key, he says. “Communication is the most pivotal part of medicine,” Dr. McGuire says. “We really try to make communication a very integral part of what we do.”

Receiving the “best of Denton” for two years in a row is “a humbling honor,” he says. “To be voted on by the community is one of the greatest honors.”

Runner-up: Marla Strittmatter

Bragging rights: David Goff



 Dr. Kelby Trusty

Total Eyecare and Eyewear Gallery

3111 Unicorn Lake Blvd., Ste 100


Superior eyecare, this is exactly what each customer receives when they go to Total Eyecare. Dr. Kelby Trusty is a University of Houston graduate with a passion for eyes, and he turned his passion into his career when he founded Total Eyecare and Eyewear Gallery over 20 years ago. Patients receive the best eyecare around with their eye health as the focal point of the service they receive.

To top off great eyecare, Dr. Trusty has a state-of-the-art eyewear gallery, in which patients can pick out the eyewear that is right for them and is stylish. If you are due for an eye exam, look no further than Unicorn Lake.

Runner-up: Dr. Shaffron

Bragging Rights: Dr. Ragsdale



Denton Florist

2926 E. University


Voted Best of Denton for 11 years in a row, Denton Florist is your one-stop-shop for any floral need.

Long stemmed roses, daisies or tulip - whatever your mood - are available. Their skilled florists are ready to create the perfect bouquet. Owner Christine Dear has been running the business for the past 23 years and is proud to be part of the Denton community.

“I just want to thank all our fabulous customers,” Dear said on the recognition. “I was raised in Denton and proud to be working here,” she said.

Dear said their creative talents can create just about anything people ask for, making mixed flower bouquets their most popular seller.

“I have been a florist for 26 years,” Dear said. “I started part-time while going to school and, when I graduated, the owners wanted to sell so I bought the business at 22 years old,” she said.

Denton Florist has been in the community since the 1930s and Dear plans on keeping the business open for many years to come.

Runner-up: Bloomfields

Bragging rights: Holly’s



Achievers Gymnastics Center

3014 South I-35E


Labeling Achievers Gymnastics Center as just for gymnastics would be doing owner Frank Kudlac’s place a disservice.

The center offers preschool to recreational training, cheer tumbling, kids play days, private lessons, birthday parties and parents night out and for all of this, voters in Denton named it 2013 Best of Denton for gymnastics.

Last year was the first time Achievers won the award and has won it again on the strength of the efforts of staff, instructors and the facility. Some features of the 20,000-square-foot gym include a full-size competition cheer floor, dedicated pre-school area with equipment designed for pre-schoolers, a horizontal rock climbing wall as well as DVR video replay systems and a complete Sonos Wi-Fi powered music system, according to the facility’s website.

Kudlac spent 33 years as the head coach of the Texas Woman’s University Pioneers before retiring in 2011.

Runner-up: Dynasty

Bragging rights: Denton Gymnastics



Soho Salon

913 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201


It’s all about the individual at the SoHo Salon and Heather Walker thinks that is what distances them from the other Salons in Denton and earned them this year’s nod as the best salon in town.

“We actually focus more on the individual and the unique beauty in everyone,” Walker said. “We’re not so obsessed with trends. We’re looking at each person and trying to build a long lasting relationship.”

The salon, one of the oldest in Denton, has been around for over 20 years. The current owner Cara Nina Lavender has owned it the last 15.

Walker said it’s a full-service salon with everything from any kind of hairstyling and coloring that a customer can think of all the way to massage, manicure and pedicure.

“We have a full-time makeup artist who does an amazing job with airbrush makeup and spray-on tans,” Walker said. “It’s pretty hard to stump us, if you want something we can probably figure it out.”

Walker said everyone at the salon is proud of the honor and worked hard for a long time to make sure they do not just style hair but are a part of the larger Denton community.

Walker said the salon is an active participant in the small business community and the arts. Almost every piece of art in the salon was created by a Denton artist.

Walker also touted the salon’s support for all people regardless of differences.

“We’re supportive of every kind of person. We’ve got all kinds of friends in the LGBT community. We are 100 percent pro-human,” she said. “So anybody that wants to come in we are there for them.”

Runner-ups:Salon La Page & Headrush (tie)



Ramey & King Insurance

510 N. Interstate 35E


Insurance is in the blood of the owners of Ramey & King Insurance.

Ramey & King Insurance has been a part of the Denton business community since 1876 due to the foresight of the mayor at the time, Oliver Perry Poe, and his view on the importance of the insurance industry to the growing Denton community.

M.L. Ramey King first got involved in 1920 beginning the tradition that would last decades with no end in sight, to the delight of the Denton citizens who voted them the best for another year.

Today the business is headed by Jeff and James King who proudly carry on the family tradition of quality customer service and making sure customer needs are met be it for commercial industry, family homes, group health on down to the single individual who wants the comfort and coverage Ramey & King Insurance can provide.

Runner-up: Hutchinson Insurance

Bragging rights: Jeremy David Insurance



Frenchy’s Lawn & Tree Service

301 Dallas Dr.


Have a mess and need someone to mow your lawn in the heat of a Texas summer? In Denton, readers like to keep their lawns mowed and bushes trim using the iconic big orange and blue trucks that are parked outside Frenchy’s Lawn & Tree Service on Dallas Drive and various locations in Denton.

Beautifying Denton since 1985, according to its website, these bright orange vans have become a staple for the Frenchy mower.

You can’t miss driving past one of these vans.

Using magnetized letters slapped onto the sides, Denton drivers receive daily and weekly announcements off the trucks, often times a happy birthday wish to lighten someone’s day.

Owner and also veteran André J. “Frenchy” Rheault makes sure these vans support the troops and also community, waving American flags high above the roof and painted onto the trucks.

Runner-up: Subias Landscaping

Bragging rights: Meador Nursery



Reding Martial Arts

407 Fort Worth Drive


Two years running, Reding Martial Arts has been voted the best martial arts studio in Denton, and owner Mark Reding appreciates the people who took the time to give him the distinction.

“It’s a people’s choice award. Someone had to go in there and write our name out.”

Reding said he was told there was a triple digit separation between himself and second place and a much closer one between second and third.

“To have that many people vote for us I am overwhelmed.”

Reding chalked up the results to his down-to-earth attitude and honest candor. He said he is not like the typical school and when people come in looking for a place to study martial arts, even if they do not choose him he strives to help them find a place to learn.

Reding said he is always bringing in new people to his gym to train with him and his students to expand their knowledge and constantly traveling and learning new things from others.

“A lot of people just run a school. I am out there with them, training with them, seeing different instructors who are better than me.”

To keep up that high level of teaching and service, Reding said he will focus on making his students better and making himself better and being open to learning.

“And what happens happens. I don’t look at it any other way.”

Runner-up: Marshall’s ATA

Bragging rights: Denton Academy of Martial Arts



Still Waters & Co. Day Spa Salon

324 E. McKinney St., Suite A


In the 10 years Still Waters & Co. Day Spa has been in business, it’s been the first without Clara Goss. Goss passed away, leaving business in the hands of Deleena Black and Particia Harper. The two did not miss a beat when it came to service, earning them Best of Denton recognition for best massage center/spa.

“We’re very excited, it’s a great honor to be voted,” Black said.

Harper noted that the two have been in the middle of remodeling and mourning Goss as they continued to operate the spa.

“This is the first year we have been in business without her as office manager and coordinator so it’s been a huge adjustment,” Black said.

Even with the adjustments, the spa continues to be relaxing and inviting, traits, she said separate it from the others in Denton.

“The other things are all the different services. We offer everything from head to toe for hair, nails, skin care and massages and we have a really knowledgeable staff and so we consider the health issues a lot when we’re helping people.”

Runner-up: Essential

Bragging rights: Massage Envy



Denton Regional Medical Center

3535 Interstate 35E


Anchored along Denton’s southern borders, Denton Regional Medical Center is known for its trauma center, accredited chest pain center, the first hospital in the county to use a robot for less invasive surgical procedures with more precision and shorter hospital stay to allow for faster patient recovery.

But that’s not all. The hospital is also known for its full range of services including advanced heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation programs and much more.

Led by CEO Caleb O’Rear, the hospital actively supports many community initiatives from the United Way of Denton County to Denton Rotary to having sponsored a 5K Run/1 Mile Walk event supporting the Greater Denton Sports Commission. It’s part of their way of giving back to the community that supports them.

The full-service hospital supplies top medical care to residents from across the region in such counties as Denton, Wise, Cooke and Montague.

Runner-up: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton

Bragging rights: Care Now



Envy Nail Spa

5017 Teasley Lane


Getting ready for Prom? Have someone you need to impress?Have no fear, Envy Nail Spa is here!

The calming music drifts away as you relax in one of their massage chairs awaiting your pedicure.With a wide variety of nail color to choose from, you can select just one or even ask for an alternating color scheme- adding a burst of fun color in your step.

If you are in dire need of a new manicure or maybe a soothing facial at a reasonable price, readers have spoken and Envy Nail Spa tops their list.

“I am so happy to win for two years now,” Kim Le, one of the location managers, said about the honor.

Le said she is glad to have such positive response from her patrons.

“They surprise us with voting each year and it means so much, thank you customers!”

As good as you look and feel walking out the door, you are sure to be the “envy” of the town!

Runner up: Bella

Bragging rights: Deluxe Nails & Spa



Kwik Kar Denton

Denton North

2303 W. University Drive


Denton South

2233 Colorado Blvd.


Denton East

3507 E. University Drive


Paloma Creek

26737 U.S. 380 East


Established in 1995 and locally owned and operated, Kwik Kar Denton serves the Denton and Aubrey communities for most vehicle and repair needs. Kwik Kar Denton was built on a foundation of trust, excellent customer service and high-quality vehicle care. In 2012 and 2013, Kwik Kar Denton was recognized as offering the “Best Oil Change in Denton” by readers of the Denton Record-Chronicle. Marta and Frank Dudowicz’s Kwik Kar business has skyrocketed and they now have three convenient Denton locations and one Aubrey location. They have an extensive list of services they can provide you, but some of the most common are an oil and lube service, brake service, air conditioning performance, light bulb replacement, and serpentine belt maintenance. So whether you just need an oil change, or a tune-up, Kwik Kar Denton can help you.

Runner-up: Sticker Station

Bragging rights: Charlie Beck’s Garage



Adam’s Exterminating Company

1201 E. McKinney St.


Family-owned and operated and loved by Denton is Adams Exterminating Company and voted the best for another year.

You know them by their sign that features a pesky mouse running for his life and the pest control services they have been providing Denton since the business was founded by Virgil Harrison Adams in 1947 and continues to provide a vital service to the Denton community and North Texas areas.

“I think it’s great. We have serviced the Denton area for over 60 years and we are thankful for the loyalty we have gotten from our customers,” said Dustin Adams. “It’s really rewarding to be acknowledged by all of the readers and we are very appreciative.

The company, which provides service from Gainesville to Dallas and Forth Worth, even has an entomologist (that’s an insect specialist) on staff.

Adam’s also has a Lewisville location at 690 S. Stemmons Freeway in Lewisville.

Runner-up: Champion Pest Control

Bragging rights:Affordable Pest Control



Beau’s Bath House & Doggie Spa

1800 Brinker Road, Suite 270 


Beau’s Bath House and Doggie Spa has been in business for little over three years and has been voted tops in the area of pet grooming the entire time.

“It’s attributed to our customers,” said owner Ginna Anthony. “And we are in this business to take care of the dogs the best way possible.”

Anthony said her spa has three wonderful groomers and two bathers that allow the dogs in and out as quickly as possible and accommodate the growing customer base.

The bath house takes its name from Anthony’s four-legged friend, a Great Pyrenees, Shar-Pei and elkhound mix who makes appearances at the bath house and was even present for the ribbon cutting in 2011.

The bath house is both a full-service dog washing service and self-service if owners so choose they can bring their pets to the bath house and bathe them using the bath house resources, which many do, Anthony said.

The bath house has undergone some expansion in the last year and hours were recently changed. The business is closed on Sundays now to be able to let the staff have time to spend with family. But Anthony said they are always available to accommodate the customer when they can, even opening up earlier than the normal start of the business day if needed.

Runner-up: Pampered Pooch

Bragging rights: Fish n Chirps



Community Pharmacy

4400 Teasley Ln., Suite 100


Denton readers know the best place to get their prescriptions filled is at locally owned Community Pharmacy in Denton, voting it the Best Pharmacy this year. With a twist of something unique, this pharmacy is moving into the future, and can dispense your next prescriptions using a robotic system, making this pharmacy the only one of its kind in Denton County.            

According to its website, Community Pharmacy “has earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s Seal of Accreditation,” allowing them to tailor your medicine to meet your specific needs.

Inside is a gift shop where you will find vitamins, herbs and also botanicals available. Readers agree this is the place to go, complete with a compounding laboratory, immunization room where they can “check cholesterol, glucose and check blood pressure,” according to its website.

With five friendly pharmacists on staff, this is the place to get a refill without having a long wait.

Runner-up: S&J Pharmacy

Bragging rights: Denton Prescription



Eagleton Photography

1710 N. Elm St.


According to Denton voters the best person for a photographic job is Walter Eagleton of Eagleton Photography.

After visiting his North Elm street studio and seeing the opportunities for photos both indoor and outdoor, or organizing a shoot with Eagleton at any location of the customer’s choosing,it is easy to see how he keeps coming out on top in the Best of Denton voting.

Runner-up: Bellisimo Foto

Bragging rights: Thomas Judd



Gohlke Pools

909 Dallas Drive


Communication skills and having the best trained people on your staff is good business and a good reason why Matt Gohlke, owner of Gohlke Pools believes his business won another best of Denton nod for best pool company.

“It’s an honor to win, I think Denton is a good place to do business. There are a lot of loyal people here,” he said. “We have a rich history and a lot of good people that work here.”

While he feels he has the best, Gohlke noted that everyone continues to work on communication skills to keep customers happy.

Gohlke Pools has been part of the Denton community since 1958 andserves the entire North Texas region.

The company has won several other awards including several Aquatech Design Awards honoring the most attractive swimming pools. That said Gohlke still values the best of votes from his Denton customers.

“Were thrilled to win it,” he said.

Runner-up: Leslie’s Pools

Bragging rights: Larsen Pools



Cooper’s Copies and Printing

1024 Dallas Drive


Mark Cooper has the top voted print copy business in Denton, but doesn’t feel like it.

“There’s a lot more things we can do to be better,” said the owner of the 2013 Best of Denton winning Cooper’s Copies and Printing.

“We never stop trying.”

Cooper said he appreciates the votes from the people of Denton as, without them, there would be no “number one” to be had.

Cooper’s, in business since 1987, does everything from car vehicle wraps to copies on the counter to last-minute jobs.

“If you need it fast, we can sure get it done for you,” he said.

Cooper said to maintain that high level of service people voted for he has to show up and keep working hard every day.

“I never feel like we are there yet. And the way technology is, wow, it’s a never-ending battle to get their files open. Everyone’s files are in a different format,” he said of virtually the only negative to the business.

“It’s a lot of personal service that’s for sure. I don’t try to hide,” he said.

Runner-up: Alphagraphics

Bragging rights: Eagle Wheeler



The McKissack Realty Group Keller Williams Realty

2434 Lillian Miller Parkway

940-383-MOVE (6683)


“Families Helping Families since 1982”is the motto that The McKissack Realty Group follows.

Led by Linda, Jim, and Brad McKissack, this division of Keller Williams takes pride in having a personal relationship with their clients, helping them along the way in the process of buying or selling a home.

 The McKissack Realty Group goes above and beyond, helping clients with mortgages, tax issues, they even refer them to local handymen and contractors to help the transition to their new home go smoothly. “Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest events in your life,” so make it a great one, contact the McKissack realty group today.

Runner-up: Rahna Raney/Keller Williams

Bragging rights: Laura Mauelshagen/Ebby Halliday



Good Samaritan Society – Denton Village

2500 Hinkle Dr.


Winning Best of Denton honors for the second year in a row is a reaffirmation of what administrator Mike Larson and his staff try to achieve every day, providing a quality valuable service to the community.

“It’s an honor being voted on by the community,” Larson said.

The Villages of Denton includes the Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village and Lake Forest Home Health.

“What makes us stand out, we are the only faith-based residential healthcare housing for 55-plus residents,” Larson said.

The villages offer everything from independent duplexes or twin homes to independent apartments or assisted living to skilled nursing and short stay rehab care, Larson said.

He and staff plan to work hard to keep up the level of service that earned them the vote of the folks here in Denton.

“We have to listen and be receptive and open to changing as the needs change of the customer,” he said.

“Our customers vary widely from 60 years old to 100 years old, so we have to flexible and versatile.”

Runner-up: Dogwood

Bragging rights: The Vintage



Denton Veterinary Center

800 I-35E


Just like last year, the pet loving people of Denton have spoken and said Randy Wuensche and his staff at the Denton Vet Center are the Best of Denton.

Wuensche said he appreciates the staff and clients that keep him in business.

Since 1999 the Denton Veterinary Center has provided complete veterinary services with state-of-the-art equipment for surgery, dentistry, anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring, hospitalization and radiology.

DVC treats dogs and cats primarily but welcomes some exotic pets. In the last year the center added a therapeutic laser to help canines who suffer from arthritis pain.

Runner-up: Southridge Animal Hospital

Bragging rights: South Denton Animal Hospital



LA Fitness

1350 S. Loop 288


People of Denton have a few options of where they choose to work out, but Tyler Ratigan, general manager of LA Fitness, is glad for the people that come through his door and appreciative of the 2013 Best of Denton vote.

“One thing we have to always remember is people have a choice out there,” he said.

Ratigan said the award meant more due to the write-in nature of the forms.

“It wasn’t just a drop down, people had to put our name in it.”

What separates LA Fitness from the others? Ratigan said it comes down to the family atmosphere.

“And we do have some amenities some other clubs may not offer, like the saltwater pool, racquetball, but all age ranges, men and women, feel comfortable, I think that really bodes well for us.”

Ratigan said he and his staff will never rest on their laurels.

“Customer service has to be our priority. Can’t make everyone happy but we have to strive for perfection. We want to stay the best.”

Runner-up: City of Denton North Lakes

Bragging rights: Brickhouse




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