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Leena Ylä-Lyly

Finnish art teacher to talk future

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By Lucinda Breeding

Monday’s lecture will focus on visual culture, what’s next in education

A Finnish professor will present a lecture about the future of art education at 6 p.m. Monday in Room 223 of the University of North Texas Art Building, 1201 W Mulberry St.

Kevin Tavin teaches international art education and is head of the Department of Art at Aalto University in Finland. He’ll present a heady sounding lecture, “Art and Its Education in Post-Visual Culture.” In his presentation, Tavin explores the fields of art education and visual culture — academic terms that are about what happens in classrooms all over the world and how people and cultures communicate through symbols.

Tavin comes to UNT as the keynote speaker for the 10th annual D. Jack Davis Endowed Lecture in Art Education. He has taught art in kindergarten through 12th-grade classes, as well as in college classes throughout the country.

Tavin is especially interested in the swirl of multimedia we live in — using screens and devices to communicate, organize and work, and the way the use of these devices feels like second nature. As technology keeps speeding up, Tavin observes the power of images and symbols in flux, and how they will change art education. Surrounded by screens and cameras, Tavin said future generations will be changed forever by watching and being watched.

“In a sense its like language,” Tavin said in a 2013 seminar. “We use language every day, most of us, and don’t think about it often... But when it fails us, when the words just don’t seem to come out, or we say the wrong things, or we don’t understand why we just said something that we said... then we have a different relationship with language. And I think in terms of these devices and instruments and visual culture, it is very much a part of our everyday life that’s ripe for investigation.”

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