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2017 Guide to Denton's holiday lights

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Lucinda Breeding

If you have one of those advent calendars that dispenses chocolate treats, you already know there are 11 days until Christmas.

If your wallet's feeling a little light, or you need a breather from the shopping and holiday preparations, there's a time-honored tradition that costs nothing but some gas and a few hours of your time.

The Denton Record-Chronicle sent a few staffers out to drive through town on the first and second weekends of December to find yards that will delight little ones and bring a little coziness to adults behind the wheel. Then we invited readers to send us photos of their decorations — or to snap a photo of impressive displays they found while driving through the county.

Denton's byways are all dressed up for Christmas — with everything from hand-painted wood cutouts, to cheerful inflatables to those familiar strings of lights — all twinkling, blinking and glowing.

This isn't an exhaustive list — not even close. But if you're wondering where to find decorated homes and yards, you can start right here. (Scroll past images for a list of addresses.) 

North of University Drive

South of University Drive

Near downtown Denton

South Lakes area

In Corinth

In the county

In Grayson County

2017 Guide to Christmas lights in Denton County

A staff writer and a photographer drove around Denton on the first two weekends of December. They looked for yard displays that children and adults might appreciate. *Not all neighborhoods are pictured.*

North of University Drive

  • 600 block of Roberts Street

  • 300 block of Magnolia Street

  • 1200 block of Emerson Lane

  • 1400 block of Oxford Lane

  • 3100 block of Broken Bow Street

  • 3500 block of Sunnydale Lane

Southeast Denton area

  • 300-400 blocks of S. Wood Street

  • 900 block of Robertson Street

South of University Drive

  • 1200 block of Primrose Lane

  • 1400 block of N. Locust Street

  • 800 block of W. Oak Street

  • 100 block of S. Ruddell Street

  • 500 block of Audra Lane

  • 1300 block of Angelina Bend Dr.

Southmont Place neighborhood

  • 1000 block of Lynhurst Drive

  • 2100 block of Pembroke Place

  • Intersection of Chasewood Lane & Pembroke Place

Forrestridge Estates/Oaks of Montecito neighborhoods

  • 3100 through 3500 blocks of Forrestridge Drive

  • 100 block of El Paseo Street

  • 3800 block of Seville Road

  • 3100 block Montecito Drive

  • 3200 and 3400 blocks of Belmont Street

  • 100 block of Visalia Street

  • 3100 block of Triple Crown Court

Thistle Hill Estates

  • 6000 block of Thistle Hill

In Corinth

  • 4300 block of Winnetka Road
  • 1805 Marseilles Lane

In Hickory Creek

  • Whispering Circle cul de sac

In Denton County

  • 5300 block of C. Wolfe Road in Ponder

  • 9400 block of Liberty Road in Aubrey

  • 1000 block of Oak View Drive in Oak Point

In Grayson County

  • 200 block of Stewart Street in Collinsville

To see a map of lights in and around Denton, visit here.