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Generation acoustic: Folksters and their kin find a foothold in Denton

Doug Burr released his debut album, Sickles & Sheaves, in 2003. The record was a mix of gothic Americana and gospel. And looking back, it was probably that album that set the stage for Denton’s indie-folk and Americana scene — or at least embodied the naked, poetic lyrics and acoustic arrangements that lingered in the shadows among the city’s folk musicians. Burr started picking up awards and critical praise almost immediately, especially among the singer-songwriter circle that likes its music a little literary.

Jazz attitude adjustment: Trusty vibraphone helps Dillon inject genre with added cool

If only 30 people show up to see the Mike Dillon Band play Dan’s Silverleaf in July, it won’t be a reflection on Dillon’s music or the music he’s brought out of the bands he’s been in over the last 20 years.

From the Editor: Chords over cords

Denton music keeps popping up outside the city limits. Earlier this year, a magazine article about little-known global music hotspots cited Denton, but mentioned only Bowling for Soup and Meat Loaf.

Flavor Junkie: Sarah’s Greek Salad Pile-Up

Friends, it is hot. I mean, really hot. So hot that all I want to do all day is hang out by the pool. So hot that I almost refuse to turn on my oven (and that’s pretty severe, since I love baking so much). So hot that I only make iced coffee at home.

Less is more: Ella Minnow’s latest album an exercise in well-timed restraint

Known for its vast range in prog rock and frequently filled-to-the-brim songs, the five-year-old Denton group Ella Minnow has finally found restraint. And it’s a good look on them.

Perfect 10: Guided by voices, Dan’s marks decade as music mecca

Dan’s Silverleaf is about to lift a glass (or a bottle of Shiner) to a milestone. The downtown watering hole is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it’s been a decade of which to be proud.

The Alchemist: Knicker Twister

THE DRINK: Fill a mixing glass halfway full with ice cubes. Add the vermouths, allspice dram and orange bitters, and stir. Strain into a chilled tumbler. Top with the IPA. Run the lemon twist around the rim, twist it into the drink and drop it in. Serve immediately. — recipe from Beer Cocktails by Howard and Ashley Stelzer

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