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Romantic comedy explores new-found faith, renewed family relations

In-Lawfully Yours is an inspirational romantic comedy that may stir a faint memory of the biblical tale of Ruth and Naomi within your heart. Written to include modern day challenges, the film captivates from the beginning until the end.

Shout Factory

Straight out of hell

It’s a common thing in Hollywood: Movies have trouble moving forward and are trapped in eternal development hell with no chance of getting out. However, some movies manage to push through the fire.

‘Reacher’ sequel exceeds grasp

Sometimes a relatively generic story can be redeemed by a confident central performance, as proven with 2012’s Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. What appeared to be a bombastic action flick in the same vein as Cruise’s other stealthy crime franchise Mission: Impossible, wound up being a rather smart, low-key, stylish and — most notably — fun thriller. While it has many action set-pieces that feel borrowed from M:I films, Cruise’s movie star charisma shined through with a fascinating character who outsmarted and beat his way out of every corner he was backed into.


Focus World

Fantastic Fest lives up to name with stories of light, dark

We plowed through a crowded docket of films at Fantastic Fest in Austin at the end of September to bring you our picks for the features you need to be on the lookout for in the coming months. Some of these films have their release dates confirmed, while others may take longer than expected.


Welcome to the dollhouse

When you revisit horror films from the past, they can really surprise you. What’s perhaps the most surprising aspect about Child’s Play is how well it connects the dots and doesn’t leave you with too many head scratching moments.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Calculated execution

We crave those deliciously entertaining mysteries that deliver a number of fruitful issues to chew on. They are reminders that stirring dramas can be just as thrilling as the next big superhero sequel.

A24 Films

Roadless map

A24 is one of the best film studios working today. It’s responsible for cinematic juggernauts such as Ex Machina, Room and TheWitch. Never does it represent narratives that are safe, traditional or capable of generating a nice cash flow. A24 is more about the art and filmmakers’ unique voices. You know, what movies should be about.


Lifetime Network

Lifetime movie features UNT grad

University of North Texas graduate Kedrick Brown will appear in a Lifetime Original Movie premiering at 7 p.m. Sunday.

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Limited-edition classics get second life with Twilight Time

Twilight Time essentially serves as a movie buyer’s guide to vintage movie collecting. It specializes in releasing movies that have been collecting dust on shelves and have yet to receive the remastered treatment.

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Nightmares before Christmas

October marks the re-release of some of cinema’s best titles. It’s a month when home entertainment companies craft quirky and innovative collector’s editions that are as much works of art as the movies they contain.


Historical uprising

The promotion of The Birth of a Nation has been crawling through the shadows in recent months, due to the controversy surrounding a resurfaced 1999 news story involving its filmmaker and leading star. As a film journalist, however, I’ll leave the altercation to social media comment threads and stick with what Nate Parker puts on screen.


A24 Films

The end is nigh

Wicked explosions, chaos-hungry villains and zombie swarms — cinema loves its end-of-the-world movies.

CBS Home Entertainment

Black-and-white series receive digital colorization

Film colorization has been around since the dawn of film. One of the first forms of media to receive this treatment stretches back as far as 1902, when each film had to be individually hand colored by an artist.

Twentieth Century Fox

Strangely enough

In his glory days, Tim Burton’s unique direction was something filmmakers could only dream of. His inventive mind, filled to the brim with wonders, brought to life countless freak show characters and admirably fantastical dreamscapes.


Amazon Studios

No winners in war

Video game movies don’t exactly have the best track records in Hollywood. While there are a select few that managed to sweep in some dough, there hasn’t been a single adaptation that has received the reception they were hoping for.


Greek tragedy

Fraternities and sororities offer many benefits to students — leadership, participation in college activities, and bonds that run deeper than blood. Although being inducted into Greek organizations can lead to profitable results, the pledging process and practice of hazing rituals can prove otherwise.


Famed voice actor recalls Disney experiences

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Disney’s beloved animated classic Beauty and the Beast. This week, the studio pulled back the curtain to release a special anniversary edition of the Academy Award-winning film.


Softshell entertainment

After the abysmal first chapter in the rebooted series, we head back into the sewers for some more (not-so) hot turtle action. Radioactive fighting turtles are not exactly a concept built for adult minds. Even the original Ninja Turtles of the ’90s were a stretch, Vanilla Ice and all.


Film festival helps keep Austin weird

Austin sees several film festivals each year, such as the Austin Film Festival and South by Southwest. However, none is as inventive and convivial as Fantastic Fest, which runs Thursday to Sept. 29.


Film’s faith clear, but attempt at humor falls flat

Fishes ‘N Loaves: Heaven Sent is an inspirational comedy awarded the Dove “Faith Friendly” seal. You’ll be able to find the movie on DVD, digital and On Demand on Sept. 6.



It’s no question filmmaker Oliver Stone loves his country, but he’s also made a career out of going against the established order. Whether he’s tackling history in films like Platoon or Born on the Fourth of July, or profiling presidents with JFK, Nixon and W., Stone portrays America in his own unique way.


Into the woods again

What made the original Blair Witch Project such a hit was that it was the first of its kind. Since then, it’s been superseded by a host of other horror filmmakers coming in our wake who’ve overdone the found footage concept since it came out of the woods.


Mother of all battles

Today’s film market is all about the sequel. Franchising is such an important factor in turning a profit — particularly in summer, which is flooded with additional installments of both recent and distant movies past. Though producing a sequel is a common decision among studios, the results are hit-and-miss. This week’s home entertainment releases, however, all strike gold.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Brace for impact

Is it too soon for Sully? Is this a mere cash grab for Warner Bros. to adapt a true account and snag a few Oscars in the process? The importance of its story says otherwise. Seven years ago, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger successfully executed an emergency water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River off Manhattan, after it was disabled by striking a flock of birds.


Roadside Attractions

Kill your darlings

There’s nothing quite like writing a first draft. The rush of sitting down and letting all our raw ideas flow free. But as Dr. Seuss once said, “the writer who breeds more words than [he or she] needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.” Genius is very much about the pain of the creative process, how we often have to let go of those words we hold so dear and how pretty much no one makes a living off of rough drafts.


Miramax-Roadside Attractions

Day trip

Say what you will about their politics and views, but the Obamas’ love was made for movie screens. Southside With You is not a political-driven narrative. It quite simply is a walk-and-talk feature that follows a young Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) as they fall for each other during their first date.

The Ink Factory

Suite dreams

AMC is known for their slow burn series. Just look at Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and even The Walking Dead as examples.


Save your breath

Thrillers thrive on simplicity. The notion that danger lurks behind even the most benign and harmless face can easily lead to rewarding results.


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Buddy flick

The transition from childhood to adulthood, where boys become men and girls become women, is undoubtedly a significant stepping stone in everyone’s life. However, the age at which it happens and how you chose to celebrate the rite of passage entirely depends on where you live and what culture you grow up in.

Universal Pictures

Hunting season

It happens: a movie that’s not all bad gets eaten alive. We saw it happen with this year’s Alice Through the Looking Glass and more recently with Suicide Squad. Not to say these movies don’t have their buckets of problems, but in no way should they be deemed a bad apple.


‘Kubo’ event offers an intro to Japanese culture

Carmike Cinemas in Hickory Creek has cooked up a little something special for the opening weekend of Kubo and the Two Strings, an animated feature from Universal Studios and Laika.The feature-length animated...


Power chord

This year’s program of summer cinema has hardly risen above a cynical feeding tube of explosions, steeped in a complete lack of relatable characters or meaningful obstacles.


Guided by voices

Texas Motor Speedway ends its “Big Hoss” Ultimate Drive-In movie series this weekend.

McKinney celebrates Cary Grant classics

Cary Grant gets all of the spotlight at the upcoming McKinney Classic Film Festival this weekend.

Paramount Pictures

‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ star creates big bang with Streep

It’s been a big year for Simon Helberg. His beloved character Howard Wolowitz is on his way to becoming a father in the upcoming season of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.


Liberation of ‘Gotham’

The cinematic battle between Marvel and DC Comics is never ending. It seems as though we can never bring up one without mentioning the other.

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Trejo lends voice, experience to docu-series

A double portion blessing is occurring with the newly released DVD, Rock Bottom and Back docu-series hosted by Hollywood actor and iconic film villain Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn: The TV Series).


Majestic creature

Disney’s latest formula works: Start with a classic children’s story, sprinkle it with knowing nostalgia to draw in a generation of adults, and invite a smattering of famous faces on screen, with an extra...

Lorey Sebastian, CBS Films

No country for old plots

High star ratings such as those handed out to this film and Pete’s Dragon are not handed out lightly, unless the films really kick up the dust. It just so happens to be an exceptionally strong weekend at the movies, and Hell or High Water is certainly film worth dancing over.

Saban Films/Lionsgate

Carnies in captivity

Rob Zombie’s latest horror film 31 premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year.