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Matt Gohlke: Pool season is just around the corner

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Matt Gohlke

If you notice a leak, missing tiles or other problems, have them addressed before they cause more problems. — Commit to a regular weekly pool maintenance program that includes water testing, cleaning skimmer and pump baskets, brushing the pool and the tile, backwashing the filter as needed, adding chemicals as necessary, and rinsing off the coping and the deck.

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James A. Mann: For First Amendment to work, we need to be honest, listen and be civil

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James A. Mann

The values of yesteryear they describe are old-fashioned things like getting married before having kids, staying married, getting an education, working hard, going the extra mile for your employer, avoiding idleness, being a patriot, being neighborly, civic minded and charitable, avoiding course language in public, respecting authority and avoiding substance abuse and crime.