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Jessica Kimbro: Students can gain experience by joining Denton County 4-H's North Texas Vet Science Club

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Jessica Kimbro

It's a little-known secret that Denton County has one of the fastest growing organizations to offer youth. We are speaking about Denton County 4-H's North Texas Vet Science Club. The club has been in existence for seven years and continues to blossom and grow.

Jessica Kimbro
Jessica Kimbro

Students who aspire to become employed or simply enjoy the veterinary science field are welcome to attend. Youth in kindergarten through 12th grade can experience and learn about animals. Students are also making friendships, learning about and participating in 4-H and working toward a program goal.  

The North Texas Vet Science Club is in collaboration with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension of Denton County. Therefore, any students who live in Denton County can join 4-H and the club for an affordable fee. This gives the student an opportunity to participate in 4-H, having fun with contests, programs and learning.   

This club also offers a unique opportunity for students in grades six through 12 to begin working toward program requirements. Students will complete 100 lessons and at least 50 activities from an assigned textbook.  Students are also responsible for completing a minimum of 500 hours under the supervision of a veterinarian of their choice and must complete 78 clinical skills with the veterinarian.

When a student reaches the age of 16 and has completed program requirements, he or she can take a certification test through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. If the student passes, he or she is a certified veterinary assistant.  

The North Texas Vet Science Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month from September through May at the North Texas Fairgrounds.

To learn more about the program, visit For more information about 4-H and how to join, contact the Denton County Extension office by calling 940-349-2890 or via email to

JESSICA KIMBRO is the 4-H and Youth Development county extension agent with Texas AgriLife Extension. She can be reached at 940-349-2884 or via email at