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Belcher 65th Anniversary

After courtship in Little Rock, where E.W. was in the Army, he had Wanda meet him and the preacher at the train station in Texarkana, Texas where they were married on October 19,1946 and then moved to Sanger, Texas to begin their life together. 

Prior to marriage, Wanda taught 6th grade in Clarksville, Arkansas and worked for Crane Company in Little Rock.  E.W. worked on various farms before serving in the Army and worked for Allen Butane in Denton before starting E.W. Belcher Trucking Co, Inc. in 1957.

E.W. and Wanda have five children; Brian Belcher and wife Judy of Sanger; Betty Belcher of Denton; Brad Belcher and wife Kathy of Denton; Becky Smith and husband Rick of Sanger; Beverly Odneal and husband Tracy of Denton.

The couple have 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

Your family loves you and congratulates you on 65 years together.