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Matt Gohlke / Pools

Good contractor, financing keep reno on solid ground

As the years pass, pools can become outdated and in need of renovation. Some pool owners want minor changes; some prefer dramatic overhauls. The availability of new products and materials that weren't available when the pool was constructed can mean the renovated pool looks better than it did when it was new.

Other than changing the shape of the pool, virtually anything can be done when a willing homeowner is paired with a creative designer or craftsman.

Renovations can include, but are definitely not limited to:

• replacement of the filtration equipment,

• replacement of the tile or coping,

• the addition of a heater or automatic cleaner,

• the addition of computerized pool and spa control systems, and

• resurfacing the interior of the pool with a dark finish, which can give your pool a lagoon look.

Pool renovations can do wonders for the overall appearance of the backyard. Following are some tips for selecting a pool renovation contractor and how to finance the project.


Selecting a contractor

Finding a dependable, experienced contractor is the key to a successful renovation. People who have had a pool renovation done are often the best source of advice when trying to select a contractor.

When obtaining estimates, be sure to ask potential contractors the following questions:

• Do you have completed renovation projects that I can see?

• Can you get me a list of referrals?

• What type and length of warranty will you provide? What is and isn't covered under the warranty?

• Can you provide a copy of your liability and worker's compensation insurance?

• Who will supervise the job?

•How long will the project take?

• Who is responsible for cleaning up after the project is complete? 


Financing a renovation

After selecting a contractor, the pool owner must decide how to fund the project. Very few people are in a financial position to pay for a swimming pool renovation project without borrowing money. Therefore, financing is a very common method of funding these types of projects.

The two most popular types of loans available are a home improvement loan or a home equity loan. Each of these two types of loans has its advantages and disadvantages.

Denton is blessed with fine lending institutions that are able to provide assistance and advice when it comes to financing.

By selecting the right contractor and financing plan, you will be ready to start the swimming season with a renovated pool that should provide many more years of enjoyment.

MATT GOHLKE is the owner of Gohlke Pools and a member of the National Spa & Pool Institute, Aquatech (a society of pool building professionals), Better Business Bureau. Gohlke may be reached 940-387-7521.