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Matt Gohlke / Pools

Gifts for the pool owner to cherish in warmer times

Having trouble deciding on a gift for that person who is difficult to buy for? You know, the person who has everything.

One special way to honor that person is to make a contribution in his or her name to a worthwhile charity. Denton has many nonprofit agencies that need help, especially in these tough times that many of these organizations are dealing with.

Another gift idea for the “hard to buy for” is to think practical. Does this person have a swimming pool? There are many gifts that can help make the pool owner’s life more enjoyable.

It seems that each year we are forced to buy something that we are not sure the recipient will like or use, which can really make Christmas shopping an even tougher battle than it already is. Following are some ideas that the pool owner might like to find under the tree on Christmas morning.


Under $25

If practical pool items such as brushes, nets, poles and other pool maintenance items are just not exciting enough for you, consider these options.

•  Party Pool. One of my favorites is a product called Party Pool. This chemical turns the pool water a dark blue temporarily and is great for pool parties.

•  Water balls. Neoprene water balls have become a popular item, and they are great for the pool or beach. The soft waterproof covers take the sting out of repetitive head, hand and foot contact.

•  Dive toys. Dive rings or dive sticks continue to be very popular for pool activities. Their popularity is timeless.

•  Toypedos. Although the award-winning Toypedo has been out for several years, it continues to amaze kids of all ages. New designs are released every year.

In addition to these options, a good selection of toys and games can be viewed online at .


$25 to $300

There are manyitems in this price range, from pool chemicals to basketball/volleyball games to ensolite floats to pool fountains. But following are some nontraditional ideas:

•  Fat Towels. Denison-based Fat Towels is a manufacturer of luxury towels and bath robes. The company is best known for the Fat Towel, a very thick, absorbent towel that weighs 6 pounds! You can see and purchase these towels at

•  Pool furniture that floats. One of the most popular items this past year in the pool industry is the chaise lounge that floats. Yes, it can either be used on the pool deck or in the pool. Swimways manufactures two styles, the TerraSol Sonoma Chaise Lounge and the TerraSol Riviera Chaise Lounge. You have to see it to believe it, and you can see it at .


$300 and up

If you are the type to go all out at Christmas, why not buy the pool owner one of the following?

•  Automatic pool cleaner. This is a popular item for pool owners in the area — especially with the quantity of deciduous trees that we have in the Denton area.

•  Variable-speed pool pumps. As energy prices continue to rise, this product continues to gain momentum and is the pool pump of the future. With the dramatic utility savings of this style of pump, coupled with its quietness and controllability, it is easy to see why manufacturers and pool owners alike are excited about its future.

There are several quality manufacturers of this product. To see some, visit www.pentair and .

•  Weekly pool service for the summer. This can be a godsend for the pool owner who has limited time to care for a pool. The Denton area has several quality pool service companies that would be willing to help you provide this gift for the pool owner in your life.

•  Hot tub. A hot tub can be the perfect gift for the pool owner who has everything. Everyone enjoys the hot tub experience, whether it’s relaxed family time or a fun gathering with friends. A range of qualities and many different options are available — with prices from several thousand to nearly $20,000.

Most pool companies will be glad to take back any item that the pool owner finds they do not need. In addition, most pool companies offer gift certificates. If you are unsure what the pool owner in your life needs, call your pool professional to find out what they might need. Happy holidays!

MATT GOHLKE, certified building professional, is the owner of Gohlke Pools and a member of the National Spa & Pool Institute, Aquatech and the Better Business Bureau. His firm has received national awards, certifications and recognitions in the swimming pool industry. He may be reached at 940-387-7521.