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Matt Gohlke / Pools

Now’s a wise time to launch a yard project

Most pool builders are asked one simple question more than any other that they hear, and it is: “What is the best time of year to build a swimming pool?”

The answer will probably not surprise you: It is now, before contractors get too busy. This is true of not just swimming pools, but other backyard improvements as well. There are several reasons for this:

n Landscaping. The best time to install landscaping is during the late winter or early spring. Summer is actually not a good time of the year to install landscaping, as it is too hot for actively growing plants, making them more susceptible to damage. If you install a pool and landscaping before the growing season, by the time summer arrives, you will have a wonderful-looking backyard — not something that looks like a construction site.

n Well-rested work crews. Like anyone else, excessive work can lead to tired and stressed-out workers, and sometimes attention to detail is not where it needs to be. Therefore, it can be advantageous to build a pool or make other backyard improvements before the busy season and before heat arrives to ensure that workers are well rested and less stressed.

n It takes time. Because of the length of time it takes to obtain financing for backyard projects, it often takes longer than you would expect to begin a project. In addition, with line locations and building permits, the planning for projects can often take several weeks. Add to this the actual time that it takes to build the project — and then swim season is here. There is nothing more frustrating than having a project under construction and wishing you were already using it.

We will soon be approaching the end of this window, so now is the time to get started on that backyard improvement that you desire.

MATT GOHLKE owns Gohlke Pools, which has earned national awards, certifications and recognition in the pool industry. He can be reached at 940-387-7521 or .