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Rev. Christy Thomas: Indeed, we are all in this world together


Chemical warfare

Innocent children and adults killed

Political instability




Churches burnt

Religious oppression

Political instability

Worshippers killed



Economic disaster

Growing coldness to the U.S.

Persecuting gays and lesbians



North Korea

Gaining nuclear weaponry

Inexperienced leader

Needs to keep nation in crisis to hold power

Systematic, brutal suppression of disagreement

Powder keg near an open flame


United States

Barely “united” any more

Democrats and Republicans can’t/won’t sit at a table together

Public discourse informed by nastiness without civility

Growing divide between desperately poor and obscenely rich

Sounds like first century or Third World countries

Or France before the French Revolution

Instability grows

The children suffer most of all

Religious institutions

Concerned with own survival

Poaching off each other

Celebrity “pastors” getting rich on backs of the hopeless

Past scandals now exposed and exposing decay deep within

Minimal life transformation

Our planet grows increasingly ill

Water shortages threaten millions

Deserts swallow forests

Plastic bits choke fish

Poisoned water, fake food, poor health

But on the other hand. …

Parents and other adults

Love their children

Sacrifice to get them school supplies

Send them off to dedicated, poorly paid educators

New worlds open up


See injustice

Work quietly to right it

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked

Fight for the innocent

Put themselves in harm’s way to protect others

Some ethical businesses

Care for their employees

Pay fair wages and benefits

Offer good products at reasonable prices

Operate out of an ethical core

People called of God

Choose intentional holiness and self-sacrifice

Give generously

Pray faithfully

Serve with humility

Confess their own sins, not the sins of others

Receive their own forgiveness and then spread it out around them

Invite those they touch into a place of grace

Earth heals itself

Recycling catches on

Healthy foods grow in availability

Toxins being banned

Xeriscaping brings beauty

Rains do come

Life fights to win over death

We are in this together

The complex, interconnected world could take us all down

Or could lift us all up

We are not hopeless or helpless

We must not be passive, or think that our own survival is all the matters

Yes, we are in this together

THE REV. CHRISTY THOMAS is the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Krum.Reach her by calling 940-482-3482 or by e-mail at