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The Place is Argyle: Old Justin Road expected to reopen Monday

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons

"The Lord willing and the creek don't rise" is an old saying that is in reference to creeks flooding and preventing travel, which is what happened to cause the road to close on Old Justin Road at the Graveyard Branch Creek crossing two years ago when the runoff from heavy rains washed out a portion between the culvert's pipes and the roadway.

This week Old Justin Road is closed and is to open Monday.

Matt Jones, Argyle's director of community development, said the reason for the closing was because the developers of the Lakes of Argyle, a forthcoming housing development on the south side of Old Justin Road, are putting in culverts and constructing new head walls at the Graveyard Branch Creek crossing.

The town of Argyle website says that individuals requiring access to Front Street can access it at U.S. Highway 377, and individuals requiring access to Old Justin Road west of Front Street need to use C. Taylor Road. Residents living on Old Justin Road will also need to use C. Taylor Road to have access to U.S. 377.

In earlier times, when heavy rains continued to flood Graveyard Branch Creek and the Argyle Schoolhouse at the corner of Old Justin Road and West Front Street, B.W. Meadows, a longtime resident and owner of Meadows Store, bought the land for $50 from the County School Board on Aug. 10, 1929. He then donated a little more than six acres of the northeast corner of his farm to the Argyle School District. A new red-brick building was constructed on the site in 1929 that was later replaced and is now where the Argyle Intermediate School is located on Eagle Drive.


The Argyle Chamber of Commerce meets the third Tuesday of every month for breakfast from 7:30 to 9 a.m. at Lantana Golf Club, 800 Golf Club Drive. The chamber office is in PointBank, 302 U.S. Highway 377. For more information, visit or call 940-464-9990.

The Argyle Lions Club meets at noon on the first Tuesday of every month at Coffee Tree CafĂ©, 144 Old Town Blvd. in Argyle, and at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month following a board meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room at Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton St. For more information, contact Deborah Cottle via email at

The Argyle Senior Center meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Community Room at Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton St., with exercise beginning at 10 a.m. followed by card games at 11 a.m. The ASC has a monthly luncheon on the third Friday of every month at noon. Those attending are asked to bring a side dish. Anyone age 55 and older is welcome to attend. For more information, call Stella at 940-464-7438 or Karen at 940-464-0506.

Keep Argyle Beautiful meets the second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in PointBank, 302 U.S. Highway 377. Keep Argyle Beautiful preserves and enhances the town's natural environment through visit educational and motivational programs and special events. For more information, or email Deborah Cottle at

LYNN SHEFFIELD SIMMONS is the founder and past president of the North Texas Book Festival Inc. She is the author of 10 children's books and two history books on Argyle. Her website is She can be reached at