Is ’cauliflower rice’ going mainstream? Green Giant hopes so

NEW YORK — Cauliflower is white like rice and can apparently mimic its taste, too.Swapping out the rice and potatoes in dishes with chopped-up cauliflower has gained traction with low-carb dieters. Now,...


Farewell to summer

If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer, here are 16 ways to give tomatoes and zucchini their well-earned last hurrahs. Too many tomatoes? This is not a bad thing

Adapted from “Eat Grub, The Ultimate Insect Cookbook” by Shami Radia and Neil Whippey

Cricket flour might sound icky, but the flavor is chirping good

Want to be on the cutting edge of nutritious food trends? Hop on board with insect-eating. A long-held tradition in most of the world, it’s worming its way into the West, via the eco-friendly crowd.


Fresh flavors to watch for in 2016

Tiny fish, tart plums and coconut syrup. Ready for a taste of 2016? Since we’re all a little tired of hearing about bacon, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower steaks, let’s look forward to some of the flavors and foods that will be popping up in the coming year. It’s not so much that these foods are radically new (bacon certainly wasn’t). Rather, that they are edging toward a critical mass, making them more common on restaurant menus and easier for home cooks to find.


Canned beans can’t beat these for flavor, price

Until I went off to college and became a vegetarian out of financial necessity, beans really weren’t a part of my life.


Sticky fave gets nutty touch

I’ve long admired black sesame seeds for the touch of mystery and glamour they add to everything from seared tuna to burger buns. But these days, I’m craving these tiny shards of onyx for their intense nuttiness and subtle sweetness.

Holiday Traditions 2012

The yearly edition by the Denton Record-Chronicle and our readers featuring a collection of songs and recipes to celebrate the season.