Anna Love: Slow cooking good idea

When was the last time you used your slow cooker?

Lynn Sheffield Simmons / The Place is Argyle

Brian “The Animal Guy” Hall, who is contracted with the town of Argyle to handle animal control duties, offers suggestions on how to protect your cats and dogs from the cold weather.

Cathy Lustgarten

Becca Dickstein: Shrub’s a native sub for crape myrtle

Mexican buckeye (Ungnadia speciosa) blooms in late winter to early spring. The pink-rose to mauve flowers emerge at the same time as the light bronze leaves. This native, large multi-trunk shrub should be considered as an alternative to the exotic, overused crape myrtle and red-tip photinia.

Larry Simmons

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: AISD police stay vigilant

Argyle ISD Police Chief Ralph Price patrols Hilltop Elementary School, Argyle Intermediate School, Argyle Middle School and Argyle High School inside and outside everyday — at least two to three times a day. “I have not had a lot of calls in the school district during the time I have been here,” he said.

Joanne Brown

Sharrie Ely: Be alert for rose threat

Mid-February is usually when North Texas gardeners prune roses for spring. As we handle that task this year, it is very important to inspect plants for signs of a deadly rose virus that is sweeping through North Texas.

Matt Gohlke

Matt Gohlke / Pools

With the hot real estate market that we are experiencing in the North Texas area, many of us in the swimming pool industry are being faced with this question: Is purchasing a house with an existing swimming pool a good idea? The answer really depends on several factors.

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