Becca Dickstein: Big red sage fragrant, pretty and hard to find

Although big red sage, Salvia pentstemonoides, was thought to be extinct in the 1950s, it was rediscovered growing in the Texas Hill Country in the 1980s and you can grow it in North Texas today.

Matt Gohlke / Pools

Independence Day weekend is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for swimming pool use. If you are the pool owner, hopefully by now your plans are in place for this weekend — the yard is mowed, the food is planned, the guests are invited and the pool is ready.

Matt Gohlke / Pools

Most area schools let out for the summer this week. As a matter of fact, all three Denton high schools — Denton High, Ryan High and Guyer High — are holding their graduation ceremonies today. Congratulations to all students on what I hope was a great year, but a special congratulation to this year’s graduates.

Matt Gohlke/ Pools

Even with the long, hard winter that we had in the Denton area, we knew that it was just a matter of time before it warmed up. Although summer officially begins this year on Saturday, June 21, most are already enjoying outdoor activities.

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It’s been just a few weeks since we heard the phrase “polar vortex” for the first time here, and only days since we experienced “thunder sleet,” so it seems surprising that it’s now time to talk about swimming pools.

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