Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle getting more hands-free signs on roadways

More hands-free signs will be placed on Argyle roadways to warn drivers not to talk on a cellphone, send a text, take or view photos, scroll through favorite play lists, read emails, play Candy Crush or enter GPS coordinates into your mobile device while the vehicle is in a lane of traffic or in motion on public property, streets or highways.

David Annis: Beginning farming series to cover soil types, stocking rates

I cannot begin to tell you how fun and rewarding it is to be working as the agriculture and natural resources agent here in Denton County. I’ve been here almost a year and have started to notice certain “common” questions and requests for information.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle library receives children’s books donation

The Argyle Little Free Library recently received a generous donation of children’s books.

Janet Laminack: Gardeners prepare for wintery time of year

It finally started feeling like winter around here, at least for a day or two. So what do gardeners or “yardeners” do this time of year?

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Becca Dickstein: Bur oak an excellent choice to plant in North Texas

Winter is a great time to plant a tree in North Texas and bur oak, Quercus macrocarpa, is an excellent choice for our area.

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New hands-free law in effect in Argyle

Argyle’s hands-free law making it illegal for anyone to use a hand-held cellphone or electronic device while driving is now in effect. Signs are being erected around Argyle to notify the public of the...