Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle candidates file for local May election

Two council members and a mayor will be elected to serve two-year terms in Argyle’s local election, Saturday, May 6.

Janet Laminack: Timing key to planting vegetable garden

Now is the time to start your spring vegetable garden, but keep reading, because it is not time for tomatoes yet.

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle’s first City Hall was in city secretary’s home

When Argyle was incorporated in 1964, it was named the Town of Argyle. In 1973, when J. R. Schoppaul was mayor, Argyle became the City of Argyle.

Courtney Davis: Reading to your kids regularly can make impact on their life

One of the things I love most in this world is watching my husband interact with our daughters.

Bob Moos: Medicare’s hospice benefit helps people cope with final stages of terminal illnesses

Choosing hospice care isn’t about giving up. It’s about making every day count. Terminally ill people who make the choice receive care for their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Valentine cupcakes come in different shapes and sizes

One year on Valentine’s Day, when I was teaching an elementary class in the lower grades, a classroom mother walked into the room carrying a large box. She appeared quite distraught and said, “I am just sick having to bring these weird-looking cupcakes for the Valentine Party, but I didn’t have time to remake them. I did bring some valentine candy and another room mother will be bringing punch.”