Janet Laminack: Books for plant lovers

And just like that, it’s Christmas time. To help you out with your shopping, I have some suggestions of gardening books that might be just what you or the gardener in your life need. These are some of my favorites; there are many great books out there.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Holiday titles available at Argyle Little Free Libraries

The Argyle Little Free Libraries are ready for the holiday season with a supply of books for both adults and children, coordinator Patti Smith has announced.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Festival and tree lighting to benefit Ranch Hand Rescue

The annual Argyle Christmas Festival and Tree Lighting scheduled for 3 to 6:30 p.m. Dec. 5 at Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton St., will have a silent auction and raffle.

Courtney Davis: Using turkey leftovers

The holiday season is upon us, as are the abundant leftovers from our holiday meals.

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Frenchy and famed orange trucks land in Argyle

Andre “Frenchy” Rheault is known not only for his orange and blue vans advertising Frenchy’s Lawn and Tree Service but for the service he does using his trucks to advertise charitable events and good news messages.

David Annis: Program encourages best practices for beef producers

Not often do I single out a program and say, “You must have this certification.” It’s even less often I tell you, “You can get this certification for a limited time for free!”


Cranberry sauce packs secret weapon

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to cranberry sauce. Nonetheless, I can’t help but think there is something seriously disturbed about people who claim to not like it.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle’s shopping extravaganza set for Saturday

The Argyle Holiday Shopping Extravaganza will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Argyle High School Cafeteria, 191 S. U.S. Highway 377.

Janet Laminack: Seedling sale offers affordable trees for a good cause

Every year, the Denton County Soil and Water Conservation District has a tree seedling sale. This is a great opportunity to get affordable trees for a good cause.

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe: Smart thermostats remember for you

Bill Clark, a local heating and cooling technician, says the most cost-saving setting for a thermostat is “off.” For the past six weeks or so, we’ve been able to do that at our Denton home.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Young Men’s Service League starts off strong

The Argyle Chapter of the Young Men’s Service League, a national nonprofit, was organized this year to bring together mothers and their teenage sons to serve the needs of the community and to teach the boys leadership.

David Annis: Certainly, interesting times ahead for cattle ranchers

When I broke open my fortune cookie last week, it said, “May you live in interesting times.”

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle couple drives Jeep in Bankhead Highway Convoy

On Sept. 10, a convoy of historic military vehicles left Washington, D.C., and traveled 3,400 miles to San Diego on the Bankhead Highway.

Callie Rainosek: Ringworm affects many pets across the area

Although the name often misleads pet owners into thinking a worm has invaded their pet’s bodies, ringworm is actually a fungus that can affect the hair, skin and nails.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle Senior Center to host Halloween hayride

The Argyle Senior Center will host a Halloween party at 5 p.m. Saturday at 371 Old Justin Road.

Janet Laminack: Become a Master Gardener with A&M AgriLife

Have you thought about becoming a Master Gardener? Join us for a reception from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday to learn more about it at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office at the Joseph A. Carroll Building, 401 W. Hickory St..

Review: Amazon’s gizmos aim to be assistants for your abode

NEW YORK — When I brought home review models of Amazon’s Echo speaker, a sort of smart, voice-controlled speaker, and two Dash buttons that reorder household products with a single touch, I wasn’t convinced I’d find them all that useful in my daily life.

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Callie Rainosek: Some dogs at risk for hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia, a condition that results from poor joint and bone health, can significantly alter your dog’s quality of life. Though larger breeds like Labrador retrievers, mastiffs and German shepherds are especially prone to hip dysplasia, dogs of all ages and breeds can develop the painful condition.

David Annis: Youths grow roots in 4-H

Please join us this year as we celebrate both National 4-H Week and One Day 4-H at 10 a.m. Saturday on the lawn of the Courthouse on the Square in downtown Denton.

Bob Moos: Time to check your Medicare plans

Now’s the time for Texans with Medicare to look over their health and drug coverage for 2016. Medicare’s annual open enrollment period runs from Oct. 15 until Dec. 7.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Readers can indulge in Halloween titles

Argyle Little Free Library coordinator Patti Smith announced recently that Halloween books are now available in all of the ALF libraries.

Janet Laminack: Think of the trees when it’s dry

Hopefully, we’ll have had several hours of slow, soaking rain between the time I write this and the time you read it.

Kathy Saucier

Becca Dickstein: Azure sage catches eyes

Azure sage (Salvia azurea), also called sky blue sage, blue sage and pitcher sage, is a prairie plant from the mint family, native to the grasslands of the Great Plains.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Construction moving forward

Denton County Commissioner Andy Eads reported recently that the reconstruction project for Country Club Road is moving forward.

David Annis: Take care of those pesky hogs

There are two types of Texans: those who have a feral hog problem and those who don’t have a feral hog problem yet.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Act now to keep out unexpected houseguests

Brian Hall, also known as “Brian, the Animal Guy,” is contracted by the town of Argyle to handle the animal control duties. Hall recently advised people to “batten down the hatches,” which means prepare for difficult times.

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Janet Laminack: Sow wildflowers, split up perennials

September can be a busy month in the landscape.

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Scouts attend workshop at UTI Arlington

Members of Argyle Boy Scout Troop 468 of the Longhorn Council recently attended a workshop at Universal Technical Institute in Irving to help them meet their requirements for the Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge.

David Annis: Texas A&M Agrilife Extension here to help

What is Texas A&M AgriLife Extension?

Callie Rainosek: Seizures can reoccur in dogs

Many of us would do anything to relieve our pets of a medical issue, especially if it interferes with their ability to live a normal life.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Holiday Shopping Extravaganza set to take place in November in Argyle

This year’s Holiday Shopping Extravaganza event will be Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Argyle High School cafeteria.

Janet Laminack: Check for signs of mutli-legged invader

We are being invaded by a hackberry-chomping caterpillar!

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Callie Rainosek: Pause to check your dog’s paws

As humans, we know the important role our hands and feet play in completing normal, daily activities. When any kind of injury affects the use of our hands and feet, we may find it very difficult to go about our regular routine.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Activities show Argyle cares about its citizens

Argyle residents care about their community. Argyle civic and nonprofit organizations show that they care with activities and events that benefit everyone.

Maggie Jover: People, programs made job rewarding

There is an old saying that “time flies when you are having fun.” I have found this to be true.

Callie Rainosek: Microchipping a safe, painless way to help identify lost pets

Many of us take every precaution we can to protect our pets.

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Historical markers offer look into past

Ilike reading historical markers and learning about the history of a particular area. Argyle has five — the Argyle historical marker is at Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton St.; Johns’ Well and Campground historical marker is on Old Justin Road and C. Taylor Road; Graham-Argyle Cemetery historical marker is on Country Club Road; Prairie Mound Cemetery historical marker is a half of a mile north of FM407 on Prairie Mound Cemetery Road; and the Argyle United Methodist Church historical marker is at 9033 U.S. Highway 377.

Janet Laminack: Master Naturalists give chance to learn about nature, world

Are you a bird watcher, a trail hiker or a rock hound? Do you think bats are cute? Do you love learning about the natural world and all the subjects it has to offer: entomology, geology, botany, meteorology, ornithology, and the list goes on? The Master Naturalists program might be the perfect fit.

Sherry Cargile

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Take steps to keep your dog cool in the heat

Brian Hall, who is contracted with the town of Argyle to handle animal control duties and is known as “Brian, the animal guy,” advises during these hot summer months dog owners be sure to provide their dogs with plenty of water.

David Annis: ‘Safe levels’ of substances differ greatly

One of the exciting things about being a county extension agent is that we are constantly getting new and interesting questions.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Police offer some tips to curb vehicle break-ins

In Argyle last week, a rash of vehicle burglaries were reported.

Texas A&M University

Callie Rainosek: Consider canine’s needs when getting dog house

For many centuries, dogs have been referred to as “man’s best friend.” Many of us consider our dogs a part of the family and would do anything to protect them. Whether your dog stays primarily outside...

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Argyle chamber’s new office opens today

The Argyle Chamber of Commerce’s new office inside Point Bank, 302 US Hwy. 377, opens today at 9 a.m. The chamber events scheduled for this month are:

Mike Weaver: Budgets help reveal spending habits

At the end of the month, are you running short on money? Do you have any savings in case of an emergency? Do you have a plan for getting out of debt? Maybe budgeting can help.

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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Making a phone call wasn't always so convenient

Argyle’s early telephones were privately owned and the date the telephone was introduced to Argyle is not known, but in a 2008 interview I had with 100-year-old Mary George Billingsley Sullivan, who was born and raised in Argyle, she remembered having a telephone from the time she was a little girl.

Janet Laminack: Hands, mulch can help cure what ails your yard

Who would have imagined we would be talking about too much water in our landscapes in July in Texas? The record-breaking amount of rainfall we have received has actually ended our drought and filled up our lakes. This is wonderful, but it does bring with it a few horticultural issues.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Summer reading activity program geared for families

After receiving another large children’s book donation recently, the Argyle Little Free Library has created a summer reading activity program for children that is meant to be fun for both the parent and the child.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Youngster is a sure shot

Riley Milam began participating in archery in the third grade at Argyle Hilltop Elementary. This year, as a fifth-grader at Argyle Intermediate School, she competed in two different archery associations.

David Annis: Abundance of rain affects agriculture

Rain. Many years we don’t have enough. This year we’ve been more than blessed.


Author: Tactics help bullied parents reclaim lost power

NEW YORK — There’s a difference in parenting between a little backtalk and kids actually bullying their grown-ups.