Pam Rainey: Collect family memories in a book

“My sister taught our family how to live. She also taught us how to die when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer,” my good friend tells me.

Pam Rainey: Resolve to stay connected, grateful

Two questions. Have you made a New Year’s resolution? If so, have you kept it?

Pam Rainey: Planning can ease stress of holidays

If you are a grandparent, you may be fretfully asking: “What on earth would be a great Christmas gift for the grandchildren?”

Pam Rainey: Be ruthless with party leftovers to avoid illness

When November winds blow and leaves begin to fall, we might as well get our party duds cleaned and ready to wear. Holiday festivities and get-togethers are just ahead.

Pam Rainey: Weigh whether to say ‘I do’ again

Recently, I was having lunch with a lively group of ladies near my age. I was new to the group, but the other women seemed to say in unison: “Show us, show us.”

Pam Rainey: More info, not less, crucial for health care

I really don’t want my column to be about me. However, at 66 years old, I’ve had some “incidents” in my life that could be learning experiences for some readers. So after much debate, I’m willing to share.

Pam Rainey: It’s always time for a date with a good book

Some baby boomers best understand books that you hold in your hands, the kind that line library shelves according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Pam Rainey: Save your horn for special occasions

Denton is not the small town I moved to in the early 1970s. Our little haven has grown — despite varying opinions regarding how that growth should take place. New industry such as Peterbilt Motors came onto the scene in 1980. I was blessed to be one of the first employees there.

Pam Rainey: Written memories will endure

Recently, my sister sent me several stories she had written about her childhood. She was attending a class teaching adults how to write their life story for their grandchildren.

Pam Rainey: It’s OK to take time on repairs

Usually I am not afraid of storms. Recently, I was terrified during a hailstorm that hit Denton County. The hail sounded like giant rocks hitting our house.

Pam Rainey: Phone ‘pocketing’ robs you of more than money

When I wrote February’s column about senior bullying, it was written with a sincere desire to begin conversations about the subject. Enthusiastic feedback tells me the subject interests many.

Pam Rainey: Seniors need family support to avoid bullying

When you think of bullying, you probably think of adolescents harassing other children. That’s what I thought, too — before I learned that bullying is not limited to children.

Pam Rainey: Don’t let food age past its prime

When November winds blow and leaves begin to fall, we might as well get our party duds cleaned and ready to wear. Holiday festivities and get-togethers are just ahead.

Pam Rainey: Seniors work out of need and by choice

Sometimes my husband thinks I’m a bit too chatty. He gets annoyed when I talk to people I don’t know. But hey, I’m a Southern girl. I think it is perfectly OK to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

Pam Rainey / Senior Connections

As we age, we gather a lot of clutter around us. Sometimes, it is important to sort, organize or toss our belongings.

Pam Rainey: Seniors must remain vigilant

Afeeling of nostalgia swept over me as I pulled into the driveway of the inviting cottage with the red door. The pristine lawn was perfectly manicured and the setting reminded me of lilacs and wisteria. Some would say the house had great “street appeal.” I differ. It said “welcome home” to me.

Pam Rainey: Fresh look at vision care

The morning of my latest “incident” started off uneventfully enough. After watching the televised weather report to learn if it would be a spring-like winter day or require layers upon layers of clothing, I dressed in a hurry. Almost ready to go out the door, I paused and mentally questioned myself for readiness.

Pam Rainey: Toss the old roll, embrace new role

You can learn a few life lessons if you study a roll of toilet paper. For example, have you ever noticed that the closer you come to the end of the roll, the faster it goes? It is sort of like the end of the year. When fall festivals and pumpkins arrive, you might as well start gathering your income tax documents for your accountant.

Pam Rainey: Grandparents have lessons worth sharing

Taped to the top of my desk is a hurriedly written quote in my handwriting: “People reveal themselves.” Although I have no idea where I heard it, nor when I recorded it, it has been most meaningful to me. It goes along with the quote I heard as a child, “First impressions are usually correct.”

Pam Rainey: Feet won’t fail you now

Kenzie, my 9-year-old granddaughter, went shoe shopping with me a few weeks ago, waiting patiently for me to locate the perfect pair. Some were too short. Others were too tight. There wasn’t a single pair I could find that was just right.

Pam Rainey: Garden answers a higher calling

In 2009, Gene Gumfory heard a gripping message from Pastor Tommy Nelson at Denton Bible Church. The message, based on Matthew 14:15-21, focused on feeding the hungry.

Pam Rainey: Busy senior drives home the meaning of true friendship

Pam Rainey

Pam Rainey: Today’s seniors didn’t anticipate financial strain

Pam Rainey

Pam Rainey: Medicare set seeks fountain of youth

Pam Rainey