Council turns to zoning powers after reducing well setbacks to 1,000 feet

David Minton/DRC
The Denton City Council shored up its rules for oil and gas companies operating in the city by tapping the city’s zoning powers. The council approved the measure 5-1 Tuesday night, with District 2 council...

Defense: He wasn’t there

A 39-year-old California man on trial for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was not even in town when he was alleged to have shot Nancy Howard, according to his defense counsel.


Tent collapse probed

LANCASTER, N.H. — It’s unclear why after a widespread warning of impending severe weather a circus put on its planned show in a tent that ended up collapsing in a storm, killing a spectator and his 8-year-old daughter, the state fire marshal said Tuesday.

Law center targets N. Korean cargo ship

Israel follows through with arrest of activist

Bland’s family sues trooper

Hunters in Africa say they aid conservation

Right to wed reaches county

Denton County added two new events to the local history books on Monday. The Denton County Clerk’s Office issued the first same-sex marriage license and a county elected official performed the first same-sex wedding.

Storm victims eligible for aid

Waters extend reach

Appraisal appeals rolling in

On tornado’s trail