City leaders keeping their options open

City leaders are exploring more options for a new electrical substation near the University of North Texas, according to Denton council member Kathleen Wazny.

Democrats scrapping ‘Two-Step’ primary

AUSTIN (AP) — Texas’ Democratic presidential primary is set to shift to allocating delegates based solely on voting results, after national party leaders rejected the state’s traditional “Two-Step” method that had also included post-election caucuses.


U.S., Cuba to reopen embassies

WASHINGTON — After more than a half-century of hostility, the United States and Cuba declared Wednesday they will reopen embassies in each other’s capitals this month, marking a historic full restoration of diplomatic relations between the Cold War foes.

U.S. probing possible airline collusion

Court's ruling allows Oklahoma earthquake lawsuit to go to trial

Macy’s dumps Trump

Ex-slave makes it home after 22 years


Residents decry ‘double standard’

LAKE DALLAS — Lake Dallas City Council held a town hall meeting Monday evening to discuss its decision to remove newly elected council member Julie Mathews from office.

Summertime lake access limited

Right to wed reaches county

Former Lake Dallas City Council member Mathews offers perspective

Lake Dallas explains removal

Right to wed reaches county

Denton County added two new events to the local history books on Monday. The Denton County Clerk’s Office issued the first same-sex marriage license and a county elected official performed the first same-sex wedding.

Storm victims eligible for aid

Waters extend reach

Appraisal appeals rolling in

On tornado’s trail