Percussionists seek perfection

In the blazing heat of the Texas summer, you’ll hear it.It may be an echo at first, but the closer you get to Denton High School, the clearer it will become.

Making melodies

Officials discuss DISD updates, safety

In the schools

In the schools

UNT College of Music

Richmond named dean of UNT College of Music

The University of North Texas College of Music has hired a new dean.

TWU briefs

NCTC briefs

TWU briefs

UNT briefs

Emily McPherson: New policy sends the wrong message to DISD students

The Denton school district has made a controversial (or, as the school board called it: courageous and brave) move regarding grading policies to take effect next year. The new policy throws deadlines out the window by allowing students to turn in late work at any time and retake tests over and over. It also does away with the six-week grading periods, replacing them with nine-week periods.

Ashlyn Foss: Media feeding into vicious cycle of mass shootings

Steps for choosing the right school

Student makes a sound of success with music career

Cancer survivors start website