Emily McPherson: New policy sends the wrong message to DISD students

The Denton school district has made a controversial (or, as the school board called it: courageous and brave) move regarding grading policies to take effect next year. The new policy throws deadlines out the window by allowing students to turn in late work at any time and retake tests over and over. It also does away with the six-week grading periods, replacing them with nine-week periods.

Ashlyn Foss: Media feeding into vicious cycle of mass shootings

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, and lately they have occurred in what seems like rapid succession, one of the first questions asked is, “Why?” From the first cries by witnesses and survivors, captured by television cameras, to roundtable discussions on CNN, the question, “Why?” is first and foremost.

Steps for choosing the right school

Throughout your childhood you are always asked what you want to be when you grow up, and the answers vary from firefighter to ballerina. But as you grow older, you start to consider all of your options and the path you must take to become a firefighter or ballerina. When you get into high school, you are not only asked what you want to be in life, but what you plan to do in life to get there. And you will find yourself wondering the same thing. It’s easy to know what you want to be, especially if you have a true passion for something. But it’s not always as easy to figure out how you are going to get there.

Student makes a sound of success with music career

“When I think of Eric Dearmin, two things instantly come to mind — his love for his friends and his passion for music.” Ponder High School junior Justin Rippentrop couldn’t be more right. Dearmin seems like your average high school student — he hangs out with his friends, has a part-time job and still manages to get excellent grades. His musical career, however, is his biggest success yet, as he’s made it all the way to the state competition.

Cancer survivors start website

Nearly two years after beating cancer, Denton High School sophomore Jordan King decided to make a website to support others in their fights against cancer.

IB student chooses to skip college to pursue career

Denton High School junior Miles O’Keefe is an International Baccalaureate diploma candidate. His father is a professor at Texas Woman’s University, and his mother is the director of the services department at TWU.

Harris brothers all spend time on the field

This past football season, brothers Israel, Isaiah and Adarian Harris spent much of the season on the field, doing what they love best.

Teacher sets goal to be half the man he used to be

Jeff Winkler’s goal is 162.5 pounds.

Freshman follows in dad’s race tracks

After spending hours racing around the track at 100 mph, Denton High School freshman Hannah Williams is disappointed when her father has to drive her home from practice. Being only 15 years old, she isn’t allowed to have a license, but she can still call herself a race car driver.

Student helps raise helmet funds for teacher’s son

One-year-old Jace Gabriel loves to run around and is very energetic, just like every other baby.

Student rapper on verge of releasing debut album

It’s safe to say that Denton High School student Shaheed Barket, who started making music when he was 14, has come a long way.

Lang dives right into swim scholarship from Alabama

Standing at the podium with a beautiful, gold Olympic medal around his neck is a major goal for Denton High School senior D.J. Lang. He is going to begin pursuing his goal at the University of Alabama.

Girl Scout organizes science workshop

Candlelit explosions illuminate the happy faces of young kids in a dark room. All of them have a desire to learn about science at Bailey Cage’s Science Adventure. Cage, a senior, held the workshop to complete the Girl Scouts Gold Award and to educate children about science.

Larry Turner

Senior’s ambition emphasized by involvement

Ranked at the top of his class, Guyer High School senior Chimezie Ileje has earned himself many academic titles, including National Achievement Scholar, National Honor Society member and Spanish Honor Society member.

Teacher travels to Peru on mission trip

Every summer since 2008, Guyer High School Spanish teacher Oscar Salas has traveled to Peru for a week of mission work around the city of Port Callao. The trip is sponsored by various churches around Denton, but teachers and students who are 18 years old or older are invited to go each year.

Club brings gamers together

Students in the Media Tech Club at Guyer High School begin their quest once again this year. Consoles and TVs lighting up, shooting blasters from a television screen, cards shuffling on a tables and the “finish him!” from the speakers bring gamers together.

Emily McPherson: College doesn’t have to be for everyone

America is based on the idea of equality. We as a country have fought for integration, women’s suffrage, income equality and more. But what exactly is equality? It seems that the general definition for equality, at least in America, is giving the exact same rights, opportunities and benefits to every single person. While this is true to an extent, couldn’t it also be argued that equality is not giving the same things to everyone, but giving to everyone the things that each person needs and deserves?

Elizabeth Branin: Don’t miss out on financial aid

Alright, all of you seniors, it’s time to get down to business. You all know what I’m talking about. That dreadful, tedious and odious task of applying for financial aid and scholarships is now upon you.

Teryana Sledge: With new year comes fad diets

It’s 2014. It’s a brand new year with brand new opportunities, experiences and goals to be met. And as we all know, the new year brings out the “new me” in everyone.

Softball player signs with SCU

Ponder has seen senior Jessica Orozco as a valuable asset to its softball team since she stepped onto the diamond as a freshman. However, catching the eye of scouts from Southwest Christian University in Bethany, Okla., has opened a new door for the talented senior.

Senior has passion for languages

With a passion for languages, senior Sydnie McCormick is taking three language classes plus studying another language on her own to become fluent and knowledgeable in their perspective cultures.

Marching band takes to the field with ‘Waterways’

Sounds of waves crashing and water flowing fill the stadium. This year, the 160-player band sprays the audience both visually and musically with their eight-minute, three-movement performance, “Waterways.”

Cross country team looks to go state

After last year’s District 5-4A championship, the Wildcat cross country team is back in action again. Led by Coach John Ponsonby, the wildcats looking to improve in any way they can to do even better this year, and that includes getting better individually.

Honor guard recruits first girl

Honor guard is known for running the flags down the football field after every touchdown. They also make a lot of noise, perform pushups in the end zones and hype the crowd. This year, the squad has a new addition, and for the first time in Guyer history, it’s a girl.

Football team sets sights on chance at another title

The clock struck triple zeros. Parents were crying. Players and coaches were sharing warm embraces. The Blue Crew was going crazy, and school spirit was at an all-time high. On December 19, 2012, the football team brought home the school’s first ever state championship.

Freshman balances multiple roles

With a full plate, a big heart and a fearless attitude going into his first year of high school, freshman Eric Borst shatters gender barriers without hesitation.

Comedic relief

Laughing is one of the best feelings ever. It helps the heart, and it brightens people’s days. Senior Jordan Brown is one of those people who just wants to make people laugh, even if that means embarrassing himself.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

When people picture an author, many see an old man or visualize someone who looks like an English teacher.But that wasn’t the case for freshman Annika Ellis, who envisioned herself instead.

DHS Principal Ford opens up about his adoption

On Sept. 13, 1966, a child named James Lee was born in Lansing, Mich. He was immediately placed in an orphanage and was later adopted by Charles and Rosemary Ford. That boy would grow up to be the current principal of Denton High School, Dan Ford.

Student earns Scout honor

Through activities ranging from hiking and camping trips to educational and career-oriented programs, the Boy Scouts of America aims to cultivate values such as trustworthiness, outdoors skills and good citizenship in all of its 2.7 million youth members.

Perseverance pays off for Filly

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. Being a Filly is not a privilege, it’s an honor.

DHS student doesn’t let physical limitation stop her

Marinna Eckel can do more with one hand than most people could do with five.

Dottie McEuin remembered as DHS’ biggest ambassador

On March 28, her 69th birthday, Dottie McEuin died after suffering complications from a heart attack, which sent her into a coma. She had been a Bronco for nearly all of her life.

No split ends

Small-business owner Kristi Bennett overcame many obstacles and saw her dreams come true 12 years ago at age 26, when she opened up her own salon, HeadRush.

Student finds life’s work

Filmmaking is an art, a talent and a passion. There are several ingredients that go into the perfect film: time, patience and a whole lot of creativity. At only 11 years old, a boy discovered this art and discovered his passion along with it.

Denton High coach overcomes adversity

The lively sound of tapping shoes echoes through the ears of adoring fans as the Saginaw, Mich., High Steppers dance across the stage. The combination of jazz and tap drives the audience mad. The adorable faces of children dancing and singing on stage are too cute to ignore.

Texting while driving can be filled with danger

Texting and driving is becoming more and more popular with many drivers. It is becoming especially prevalent among teenagers. According to Teen Driver Source, 58 percent of seniors and 43 percent of juniors text and drive.

Couple’s house moved to make way for high school expansion

For 25 years, they lived in a pleasant home on Linden Street with a beautiful agave tree growing in the front yard. Their unique home, built in the 1960s, could not have better suited Fritz Schwalm and his wife, Reneta, even though it was placed only feet from Denton High School. On the morning of Feb. 10, 2008, the Schwalms woke up to a notice informing them that the high school was going to expand.

All aboard

Senior Anais Alarcon wakes up earlier than most of her classmates. She lives in Farmers Branch and rides the train to get to school.

Boys’ soccer off to fast district start

In 2007, the then Sen. Barack Obama was campaigning to be president. “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s was a hit song. The year 2007 was also the last time the Denton High School boys’ soccer team made it to the playoffs.

West selected as Teacher of the Year

Four years ago, he was protecting America.

Denton alumnus saves life of man drowning in lake

On Jan. 25, during the early morning, Denton High School alumnus Ryan Mabry was struggling to pull a man through the sunroof of an Isuzu Amigo in the middle of Bachman Lake in Dallas.

Steroid abuse hurts everyone

Ever get tired of waiting for snail mail? There’s e-mail for that. Done with pre-mapping your trip? There’s GPS for that. Sick of missing your favorite show? There’s the digital video recorder or DVR for that.

Goals set on state

Both boys and girls soccer teams want to keep the recent success in athletics. With breakout, record-setting seasons in boys and girls basketball, and the school’s first ever state championship in football, the soccer program wants to keep the recent trend of dominance going. “We want to go to state this year,” said Kevin Leon, a senior defender on the boys’ soccer team. “That’s the expectation.”

Track teams set sights on finish line with hopes of advancing to championship

Track is off to a sprint as practices and preparations for meets have begun. Both boys and girls teams have similar goals. “We expect to win district, and our goal for this year is to win regionals as a team,” Lady Wildcat track coach Megan Hardesty said.

Student enjoys busy schedule ‘because it builds character’

The sound blares, and Kevin Van Horn wakes up to the 7 a.m. alarm he set the night before. He takes a shower and eats his cereal. He grabs his things and starts his day.

Junior entrepreneur finding success with lawn business

He jumps out of bed bright and early. He needs to beat the sweltering heat before the sun rises. Young entrepreneur Caleb Shafer does this for a living.

Senior returns the favor by giving back

There is one special day Marvin Cardona has looked forward to during each of his four years at Denton High School: the Ann Windle Adopt-a-Child Day.

Trainers work hard to help keep athletes healthy

Trainers arrive at school before the sun rises to begin their work with athletes.