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Al Key/DRC
A stand of pink and standard bluebonnets blooms on University Drive in Denton.
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Pink bluebonnets grow amid standard bluebonnets in a spot on University Drive. Legend has it that pink bluebonnets came into being after the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.

Texas lore has it that white bluebonnets grew abundantly near the banks of the San Antonio River near the Alamo. During the fight between Santa Anna’s army and the brave Texas troops of Lt. Col. William B. Travis, so much blood was shed that it covered the countryside between the Alamo and the river. According to the legend, the bluebonnets by the river emerged with pink blooms, stained by the blood of fallen soldiers.

According to San Antonio horticulturist Jerry Parsons, the original stands of wild pink bluebonnets were found in San Antonio city limits. Pink bluebonnets have now been sown around the state.

— Al Key

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