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Hugs & Shrugs

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

SHRUG: It's tough for a business to stand out in the crowd these days. Selena Rosa, a Mexican restaurant in New York City, has gone too far to get attention. Do even the most experimental gourmands really want to eat turkey infused with 160-proof vodka? Call it Tipsy Turkey. Serve it with a straw for those who want to drink it instead of eat it. Thanksgiving marks a slow time for Mexican food restaurants. They should just accept it as a fact of life.

HUG: Last week we learned what we already knew. The Gainesville State School for teen criminals is a hellhole. A lot of rural folks in Northwest Denton County and throughout Cooke County work as detention officers on the state school campus. It's dangerous work for low pay, but it's a job. This hug goes out to state employees who risk life and limb in an attempt to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents so they won't go on to waste their lives in adult prisons.

HUG: The Denton County Commissioners Court has appointed its Confederate Monument Advisory Committee. We wish the committee and its chairman, John Baines, best of luck coming up with recommendations that the community can embrace and that the Commissioners Court can implement in good faith.

SHRUG: Sexual harassment and sexual assault are not political issues. When Republicans like Roy Moore are in the spotlight, the GOP should not turn a blind eye. When Democrats like U.S. Sen. Al Franken admit to being too aggressive with women, Democrats should not defend him just because he's a Democrat. Wrong is wrong. This all began 25 years ago when a bevy of women accused Bill Clinton of aggressively pursuing extramarital sex — even in the Oval Office with intern Monica Lewinski. Leading feminists held their noses and defended Clinton because he is a Democrat. Now, Alabama Republicans are making that same mistake by defending Moore because they believe he is conservative on all other issues.

HUG: Victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting were laid to rest last week. What could anyone possibly say to comfort the Holcombe family, which lost eight members because a mad-dog killer chose to murder them at a Sunday morning worship service. The words "sad" and "tragic" are totally inadequate.

SHRUG: Denton Mayor Chris Watts has vowed that city council will hire a new city auditor to replace Craig Hametner, who resigned abruptly last month after initiating an investigation of the Denton Parks Foundation's relationship with city government. But hiring a new auditor will be futile unless city council members restrain themselves from trying to find out what, or who, the auditor is investigating at any given time. This is a tough one for elected officials. Naturally, they want to alert political backers who become targets of an auditor's sharp pencil. Professionally trained auditors are straight arrows and will pursue waste, fraud or abuse wherever they find it regardless of the politics. Council members — if they behave ethically — will not interfere in those inquiries. If they cannot restrain themselves, there's really no reason to have a city auditor.

HUG: Denton Calvary Academy on East University Drive is growing and thriving. Congratulations to the private Christian school upon completion of a new Arts and Athletic Recreation Complex. Denton Calvary bought the building from nearby Denton Bible Church. This is just another example of how Denton and its key institutions are growing and prospering on the North Texas prairie.