Doctors consider removing former President Bush’s tube

HOUSTON — Doctors treating former President George H.W. Bush for pneumonia considered Thursday whether to take out a breathing tube while his wife, Barbara, said she was feeling much better after undergoing treatment for bronchitis.

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Judge blocks Planned Parenthood funds from cutoff

AUSTIN — Texas was temporarily blocked Thursday from ousting Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid program over secretly recorded videos taken by anti-abortion activists in 2015.

Study: Texas abortions declined as clinics got farther away

AUSTIN — The number of abortions performed throughout Texas dropped after a 2013 law forced the closure of clinics in all but the largest cities, and the decline was steeper the farther a woman lived from one of the remaining clinics, a study found.

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Texas House speaker slams restroom bill

AUSTIN — A proposal barring transgender people in Texas from using the bathroom of their choice is unequivocally bad for business, a powerful state Republican legislator said Wednesday, in defiance of conservative leaders who have applauded the measure amid North Carolina’s economic upheaval due to a similar law.

Planned Parenthood fights to stay in Medicaid program

AUSTIN — Planned Parenthood is in federal court this week fighting Texas’ latest effort to cut off state funding for the provider: kicking them out of Medicaid.

Sheriff criticizes Texas Commissioner’s account of ‘attack’

AUSTIN (AP) — A claim by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller that “illegal aliens” attacked a hunting party in remote West Texas is being discounted by the local sheriff who says the hunters fired on one another.

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State rep. seeks to rename committee

AUSTIN — Rep. Jeff Leach proposed it as a one-word change to internal Texas House rules. But what followed could foreshadow a larger school voucher fight coming soon.

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Baylor scandal fails to deter early applications

Baylor University saw an increase in applications last year, school officials say, despite a sexual assault scandal that has rocked the campus.

Federal agency critical of Houston housing procedures

HOUSTON (AP) — The federal housing agency says Houston’s procedures for approving some low-income housing perpetuate segregation and violate the Civil Rights Act.

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GOP looks to high court to help stop ‘Californiazation’ of Texas

AUSTIN (AP) — Republican lawmakers who decry the “Californiazation” of Texas are hoping court action will end single-use bag bans in at least a dozen Texas cities while stemming other local laws that they believe erode individual and economic liberties.


‘Mad Men’ archives land at UT

AUSTIN — The last America saw of Don Draper, he was meditating on a Pacific hillside, imagining one of the most iconic ads in television history. What’s left of the flawed protagonist of has now gone to Texas.

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Texas warned of backlash over bathroom bill

AUSTIN — Texas is flirting with losing major sporting events like North Carolina did, Dallas civic leaders warned Wednesday as they urged Republican lawmakers to stand down on a proposal that would require transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to their sex at birth.

Texas man set to be executed for double slaying over drug deal

HUNTSVILLE — A Fort Worth jury sent Christopher Wilkins to death row for killing two men after he explained how he shot his victims over a $20 phony drug deal and that he didn’t care if he was sentenced to death.


Texas lawmakers return short on money

AUSTIN — Likely budget cuts and a Donald Trump presidency loomed over the return of the Texas Legislature on Tuesday amid a worsening child welfare crisis and top Republicans promising anti-LGBT bathroom laws similar to what brought upheaval in North Carolina.

Chief: Handcuffed man talked suicide

AUSTIN (AP) — A Central Texas man who pulled a handgun from his waistband while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car talked about suicide before fatally shooting himself, authorities said Tuesday.

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Entrepreneur center set for Fair Park area

DALLAS — In his southern Dallas neighborhood, George Battle III can hear the subtle hum of business, despite the vacant lots and shuttered shops. He knows a woman who makes flower arrangements in her home, caterers who cook in church kitchens, and a man who does carpentry and plumbing work.

Issues await state leaders

AUSTIN — When the Texas Legislature last convened on June 1, 2015, Donald Trump was still two weeks from announcing his White House run. The former Bruce Jenner was gracing the latest cover of Vanity Fair to reintroduce herself to the world as Caitlyn. And it would be another season and a half before the Cubs finally would stop being loveable losers.


Oil slump hits Texas budget

AUSTIN — A prolonged oil slump that has tested Texas’ economic resilience is now badly chewing away at the state budget, leaving a hole that could be as big as $6 billion just to maintain the status quo, a top Republican lawmaker said Monday.

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Taiwanese president meets with Cruz, Abbott

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott said they met Sunday with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen while she was passing through Houston on her way to Central America.

Texas lawmakers look to help troubled child welfare system

DALLAS — Texas lawmakers agree on the need to improve the state’s beleaguered child welfare system, but how to do it and pay for it during a tight budget year still are very much up in the air.

Judge asks whether Texas’ fetal remains rules override current law

AUSTIN — A federal judge appears to be casting doubt on the legality of hotly debated Texas rules requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains, questioning Wednesday whether they would override separate, existing state laws on scattering ashes.

Mother still critical after poisoning, 5 improving

AMARILLO (AP) — Officials say a father and four of his children hospitalized since an apparent accidental poisoning killed four of their siblings have been upgraded to good condition.

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Judge considers fate of Texas fetal remains rules

AUSTIN — Abortion providers told a federal judge Tuesday that Texas’ attempt to require burial or cremation of fetal remains was “government interference” without public health benefits, while state lawyers countered that clinics want to be allowed to continue disposing of such remains in landfills.

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State sues the FDA over execution drug shipment

HOUSTON — Texas filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a federal agency to force it to decide whether an impounded shipment of a drug used for executions should be delivered to the Texas prison system, which has carried out more lethal injections than any other state.

Police probing Amarillo poisoning

DALLAS — A criminal investigation is underway into an apparent accidental poisoning involving a professional-grade pesticide that left four children dead and an Amarillo woman in critical condition, police said Tuesday.

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Poison gas kills four

AMARILLO (AP) — A poisonous gas believed to have been released when someone tried to wash away a pesticide that had been sprayed under a Texas home killed four children and left six other people hospitalized, officials said Monday.

Fossil find has nearly complete skeleton

DEL RIO (AP) — A fossil found in limestone along a remote South Texas riverbed could be that of a dolphin-like reptile that swam in oceans 90 million years ago, according to paleontologists.

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Abandoned wells pose threat to Texas

IMPERIAL — Peculiar things can happen after folks drill deep into the earth — looking for oil, water or whatever — and leave a bunch of holes in the ground. Fluids can gurgle and leak, migrating where they don’t belong. In rare instances, land could even sink or collapse.

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A North Texas police officer recently gave a teenager the option of being cited for marijuana possession or doing 200 pushups after the boy was caught smoking pot outside a movie theater.

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Patrick may run against Abbott

AUSTIN — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick brushed aside speculation of a 2018 gubernatorial run at the end of Texas’ last legislative session, insisting he’d never challenge his “close friend” and fellow Republican Greg Abbott.

’16 ending on dry note after high rainfall

DALLAS — Texas is finishing the wettest two years on record. But that glut of rainfall might have reached its end for a while.


Communities work to become age-friendly for residents

DALLAS — Hundreds of communities around the world— both big and small — are working to make sure people can live there from birth to old age.


Fort Worth chief: ‘Officer was rude’

DALLAS — The lawyer for a black woman who’s seen on video being wrestled to the ground and arrested by a white officer said Friday the burden is on police to prove the officer’s actions weren’t racially motivated.

Texas child abuse death rising

AUSTIN (AP) — The number of Texas children dying of abuse and neglect has increased since Republican Gov. Greg Abbott began a shake-up of the state’s beleaguered child welfare system a year ago, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Officer on restricted duty after videotaped arrests

DALLAS — A white Texas police officer was placed on restricted duty Thursday while an internal investigation looks into a videotaped incident showing the officer wrestling a black woman to the ground before arresting her and her two teenage daughters.

Silt buildup in Galveston Ship Channel causing problems

GALVESTON (AP) — An unexpected buildup of silt in the Galveston Ship Channel is causing headaches for the Port of Galveston, and some of the private businesses that operate there.

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Planned Parenthood’s future unsure in Texas

AUSTIN — Planned Parenthood is poised to end 2016 in a familiar place: in court, asking a judge to stop a Republican-controlled state from blocking Medicaid dollars. Here’s how the nation’s largest abortion provider got there and what’s next.


Corpus Christi water crisis sparks questions

HOUSTON — A week after a chemical leak at an asphalt plant in Corpus Christi triggered a four-day water ban, the Texas attorney general’s office has joined an investigation by state and federal environmental authorities and key questions remain unanswered.

Reporter seeks ID of Twitter user after seizure

DALLAS — A Newsweek reporter who has epilepsy said he had a seizure after being sent a message on Twitter intended to trigger such an episode and is seeking information from the social media company to...


Texas electors push Trump up past 270

AUSTIN — Texas formally clinched the presidency for Donald Trump on Monday after all but two of the state’s 38 electors stuck with the billionaire, putting him over the 270 votes needed in the Electoral College to become America’s 45th president.

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