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Blotter: Theft of cash box under investigation

Profile image for By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer
By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer

An officer was suspicious of the story of a man who was reporting, along with his supervisor, the disappearance of the cash box at a business in the 2500 block of West Prairie Street on Thursday.

The clerk said he suspected a man who came into the store just as it opened. But store video showed the man entered and left without touching the cash box. The officer noticed that the video appeared to have been tampered with, and the time displayed seemed to be 12 to 14 hours fast.

The officer began questioning the clerk more closely and learned that he was sleeping at the store because he had been evicted from his apartment. The man finally admitted that he had friends in the store after it closed at 11 p.m. the night before.

He said a man he barely knows was selling puppies outside the door and it was hot, so he allowed the man to come inside. Two or three others also came in the store after closing, he said.

The officer checked and found that the man selling puppies has a criminal record.

The officer continued watching the video and saw more people inside than the clerk had admitted were there. The video showed a transaction that was likely a drug deal, according to the report.

The clerk admitted that he injected methamphetamine, according to the report, and the officer asked him to empty his pockets. The clerk handed over a set of brass knuckles, which are illegal, and a medication bottle that had the patient’s name scratched off. The bottle contained anti-anxiety medications.

The man was arrested on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of a controlled substance. An investigation into the theft of the cash box is ongoing.


Other reports

1300 block of Neff Street — A man called police to report that he was robbed of his wallet about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, but the officer was suspicious of his story.

The man said a man he barely knows pushed him, grabbed his wallet and rode away on a bicycle. The officer was concerned and asked questions about drugs. The man then handed over a bag of what appeared to be marijuana. But the officer determined that it was actually St. Augustine grass inside the bag.

The man said the bicycle rider dropped it as he was riding away. The man’s cellphone showed that he called the cyclist a few minutes before the supposed robbery, and the officer suspected that the crime actually was a drug deal that went badly.

He found a receipt, a neatly folded $5 bill and a watch several feet away from the spot where the man said he was robbed, and the man finally admitted that was the place where he had purchased what he thought was marijuana from the bicycle rider. An investigation is continuing, and police are looking for the bicycle rider.

700 block of Fort Worth Drive — A store clerk became suspicious when a woman tried to cash a check Thursday evening and called police.

The clerk said he began asking questions about the owner of the check, and the suspect ran away. The arriving officer contacted the woman whose name was imprinted on the check and learned that she had been the victim of a car burglary recently in which some checks were stolen. She closed that account at the time, according to the report.



From 7 a.m. Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday:

* Denton police handled 327 service and officer-initiated calls, including one fight, two assaults, one criminal mischief, four thefts, three domestic disturbances, one identification theft and one robbery.

* Denton County sheriff’s dispatchers handled 651 service and officer-initiated calls for the agencies they serve. Thirty-two people were booked into the county jail. Deputies took reports of two frauds, one violation of a protective order and two thefts.

* Denton firefighters responded to 19 medical calls, one gas leak, one request to assist an invalid and one request to assist police.

Argyle firefighters responded to one request to assist a citizen.

Aubrey firefighters responded to three medical calls, one structure fire and one suicide attempt.

Krum firefighters responded to one alarm.

Lake Cities firefighters responded to three medical calls, one structure fire, one suicide attempt and three traffic accidents.

Oak Point firefighters responded to one medical call.

Sanger firefighters responded to one medical call.

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Denton County Crime Stoppers will pay a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest in these or other crimes. Callers will remain anonymous. Call 1-800-388-TIPS (8477). Reach the Denton police narcotics tip line at 940-565-5801.