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Blotter: Police seek two suspects in attempted robbery

Profile image for By Megan Gray / Staff Writer
By Megan Gray / Staff Writer

Denton police are on the lookout for two men who attempted to rob a drive-in restaurant in the 1800 block of West University Drive late Wednesday night.

Officers were dispatched to an attempted aggravated robbery after an employee reported that two men with ski masks and stun guns were trying to rob the restaurant, police said.

Reports indicate the two men, believed to be 16 to 20 years old, tried to grab the fast-food eatery’s bank bag. Their attempt failed and no injuries occurred, police said.

The employees reported that after the failed robbery, the two men ran west behind the restaurant.

Officer Ryan Grelle, spokesman for the Denton Police Department, said there is a sergeant and detective currently working the case and no arrests have been made.


Other reports

1100 block of Spanish Moss Drive — Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in Aubrey after two brothers got into an argument after Christmas dinner Tuesday.

According to reports, the brother who hosted the dinner asked the other brother to leave, causing him to get upset.

The host told deputies they got into an argument and this caused his brother to assault him. 

Reports indicate that the brother struck the victim on the back of the head with his hand before the victim picked up a metal sign stake to protect himself and his family.

Deputies reported the host did not assault his brother in return.

The victim declined medical treatment.

The brother was arrested and taken to the Denton County Jail, sheriff’s deputies said.

1200 block of Chattahoochee Drive — A sheriff’s deputy responded to a report that someone broke into a Nissan car Sunday. According to reports, the Nissan’s owner said he unloaded Christmas gifts from his Ford Expedition and placed them in the trunk of his car.

The man left the doors to his Nissan unlocked while he went inside to wrap the gifts, sheriff’s deputies said.

The man, reports indicate, noticed his car stereo was missing when he went back to secure the vehicle. The stereo was valued at $75, sheriff’s officials said.



From 7 a.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Thursday:

* Twenty-eight people were booked into the Denton County Jail.

From 7 a.m. Wednesday to 7 a.m. Thursday:

* Denton police responded to 185 officer and service-initiated calls and posted 11 reports online. Officers responded to 17 accident-related calls due to weather.

* Denton firefighters responded to 23 medical calls, three vehicle accidents, one gas leak, two building fires, one public service assistance and one hazmat release investigation.

Lewisville police made one arrest.

From 7 a.m.  Friday, Dec. 21, to 7 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 27:

* Denton County sheriff’s dispatchers took 3,452 service and officer-initiated calls.

Argyle firefighters responded to two alarm fires, one animal bite attack, 19 medical calls, one structure fire, two traffic incidents, one vehicle unlock and one welfare concern. Argyle police officers assisted 10 agencies, responded to 38 building checks, two close patrol calls, one criminal trespass in progress, one disturbance call, five follow-up investigations, one gunshots heard call, met two complainants, responded to two medical calls, assisted eight motorists, responded to two ordinance violations, one reckless driver, two road blockage hazards, two special patrol calls, one suspicious activity call, 63 traffic calls, one unconscious fainting, 26 vacation watches and one welfare concern.

Aubrey firefighters responded to 13 medical calls, two alarm fires, one carbon monoxide or hazmat call, assisted one citizen, responded to two illegal burns, six structure fires, one road blockage hazard, five traffic calls and three vehicle unlocks. Aubrey police officers assisted two agencies, responded to one animal complainant, two building checks, one burglary report, two close patrol calls, one criminal mischief report, three disturbance calls, one structure fire, one fraud call, two motorist assist calls, one road blockage,  one suspicious activity, two vehicle checks, three theft reports, six traffic calls and one welfare concern.

Bartonville police officers assisted three agencies and responded to one criminal mischief in progress, one report of gunshots, two juvenile complaint calls, one loose livestock complaint, one solicitor complaint and seven traffic calls.

Double Oak firefighters responded to four medical calls, one grass fire, two illegal burns, one structure fire and one vehicle unlock. Double Oak police officers responded to one animal complaint, one criminal mischief call, six medical calls, two illegal burns, one request to meet a complainant, one noise complaint, one suspicious person call, one suspicious vehicle call, one theft report, 17 traffic calls and 24 vacation calls.

Hickory Creek police officers responded to three administrative duty calls, seven agency assists, one assault report, two disturbance-related calls, one follow-up investigation, three medical calls, met four complainants, assisted five motorists, responded to one road blockage, took eight suspicious activity-related reports, responded to one theft in progress and responded to 72 traffic calls and one welfare concern.

Justin firefighters responded to 10 medical calls, three illegal burns, two structure fires, one odor investigation and one traffic incident. Justin police officers responded to one abandoned vehicle, assisted 10 agencies, took one medical call and two burglary reports, escorted one funeral and responded to one structure fire, two follow-up investigations, one juvenile complaint, one motorist assist, two theft reports, one traffic incident and one welfare concern.

Krum firefighters responded to 11 medical calls, one domestic disturbance, one illegal burn, two structure fires, four traffic incidents and two vehicle unlocks. Krum police officers assisted four agencies and responded to three animal complaints, two close patrol calls, three medical calls, one structure fire, one follow-up investigation, two fraud reports, one juvenile complaint, one loose livestock call, met three complainants, took one missing person call, assisted one motorist and responded to four noise complaints, one reckless driver, six suspicious calls, one theft report, 58 traffic calls and one welfare concern.

Lake Cities firefighters responded to 35 medical calls, four alarm fires, two assaults or sexual assaults, three citizen assists, two electric fires, one grass fire, one odor investigation, one suspicious person and 13 traffic incidents.

Oak Point firefighters responded to one alarm fire, five medical calls, one citizen assist and two structure fires. Oak Point police officers responded to five animal-related calls, one agency assist, one domestic disturbance, one electrical fire, six follow-up investigations, two gun shots heard calls, one juvenile complaint, three noise complaints, one road blockage, three suspicious activity calls, eight traffic calls and a welfare concern.

Ponder firefighters responded to one electrical fire, one illegal burn, one structure fire, four medical calls and three traffic accidents. Ponder police officers responded to one structure fire and one follow-up investigation.

Pilot Point firefighters responded to six medical calls, one carbon monoxide or hazmat call, one structure fire and two traffic accidents. Pilot Point police officers responded to two animal complaint calls, two requests to assist other agencies, one medical call, 14 close patrol calls, one criminal mischief report, one domestic disturbance report, one fraud call, met one complainant, assisted three motorists and responded to one noise complaint, two reckless driver calls, one road blockage call, nine traffic calls and one vehicle complaint.

Roanoke firefighters responded to one structure fire and one medical call.

Sanger firefighters responded to 17 medical calls, one animal bite attack, one grass fire, one illegal burn, one smoke investigation, one structure fire, one odor investigation, three traffic incidents and two road blockages. Sanger police officers responded to one abandoned vehicle, five requests to assist other agencies, seven animal-related calls, three medical calls, two burglary reports, one civil service call, one criminal mischief report, two disturbance calls, seven follow-up investigations, one juvenile complaint, one loose livestock report, 15 requests to assist motorists, one noise complaint, one request to unlock a door, 10 reports of reckless drivers, 12 road blockages, seven suspicious activity calls, three theft reports, 10 traffic reports, one traffic transport incident, three vehicle complaints, one walk through and one welfare concern.

Denton County Crime Stoppers will pay a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest in these or other crimes. Callers will remain anonymous. Call 1-800-388-TIPS (8477). Reach the Denton police narcotics tip line at 940-565-5801.