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Century Club: Mary E. 'Betty' Anderson

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Staff report, Denton Record-Chronicle

The following is a profile of a Denton County resident who turns 100 years old on Thursday.

Mary E. "Betty" AndersonCourtesy photo
Mary E. "Betty" Anderson
Courtesy photo

Name: Mary E. "Betty" Anderson

Age: 100

Date of birth, and birthplace: Sept. 14, 1917, Wheeling, West Virginia

Family: Husband, Byron Alton Anderson (deceased); daughter, Mary E. Anderson of Denton

Former occupations: Photography sales for about 40 years

My favorite movie of all time: any World War II movie.

During the Great Depression, I: lived with three other ladies, and I walked a mile each way to work to save a nickel a trip on the bus.

During World War II, I: was a waitress at Christi's Seafood in San Antonio; I carried many meals at a time. We could not buy stockings or get new toothpaste without turning in our old tubes because you needed ration coupons. We were really the original recyclers.

I wish I knew how to: play bridge better and crochet.

Nobody knows I: have a sweet tooth.

I'm happiest when: I am with friends and family, and I love making people laugh.

The most important thing I've learned in 100 years: Enjoy today and be kind and honest with all people.