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DCTA expands pilot program with Uber

The Denton County Transportation Authority discount program with Uber is expanding.

On Monday, riders traveling in areas of north Lewisville, to and from medical facilities and employment centers around Medical City Lewisville and office and industrial areas east of Interstate 35E not currently served by Lewisville Connect Bus routes became eligible for $2 discounts with the ride-share company Uber.

Last October, DCTA launched its pilot program with Uber, offering discounts between 5:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays to riders looking for convenient transfer options to DCTA Connect bus routes and the A-train station, as well as travel options within a specified Highland Village zone and to Medical City Lewisville on West Main Street. Officials said it launched the pilot program in Highland Village to complement its existing Highland Village Connect Shuttle and Community On-Demand services for a low-density area without infrastructure for additional transit.

When the program launched, people could obtain Uber discounts for areas along the DCTA Highland Village Connect Shuttle route, including FM407, Brazos Boulevard, Highland Shores Boulevard, Village Parkway and to the Highland Village/Lewisville Lake A-train station.

Since launching the program, there have been 387 individual trips taken by 88 unique program riders, according to DCTA officials.

Details on how to obtain the Uber discount are available at

While expansion for the Uber discount program in other DCTA service areas and on weekends is being considered, no additional plans are confirmed at this time, said Adrienne Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the transit service.

"We're working on a fully integrated plan to address various transit markets that we're not serving, help fill service gaps and provide more mobility solutions for communities, and how we're doing that is leveraging [ride-sharing programs]," she said.

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