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Indictments: June 22, 2017

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The following people were indicted by a Denton County grand jury Thursday at the Denton County Courts Building. Listed are those indicted, their age, charges and the law enforcement agency that made the arrest:

Faustino Gutierrez Jr., 66, assault family violence, Carrollton police

Fred Cano, 34, assault family violence, Corinth police

Joshua Coverdell, 41, assault family violence, Dallas police

Chantavia Henderson, 20, aggravated assault, Dallas police

Bruce Powell, 36, assault family violence, Dallas police

Brandy Beck, 29, injury to an elderly individual, Denton police

Sherman Steptoe, 35, assault family violence, Denton County Sheriff's Office

Manolo Martinez-Romero, 36, assault family violence, Lewisville police

Joshua Naucke, 36, assault family violence, Lewisville police

Stella Dewitt, 41, assault family violence, Little Elm police

Bo Charles, 24, assault family violence, Pilot Point police

Demarcus Bateman, 36, violation of protective order, Carrollton police

Angel Martinez Jr., 30, assault family violence, Frisco police

Lee Jackson, 47, assault family violence, Denton police

Abraham Negrete, 28, aggravated assault, Denton police

Michael Lathan, 30, aggravated assault, Lewisville police

Jesus Pacheco, 26, aggravated assault, Lewisville police

Rubin Mauricio-Muniz aka Ruben Mauricio-Muniz, 30, sexual assault, Lewisville police

Marco Gallegos, 22, two counts of aggravated assault, Lewisville police

Timothy Berry, 42, assault family violence, Roanoke police

Sharmorrial Thurmond, 36, stalking, arson, attempted arson, Carrollton police

Landon Mills, 33, assault family violence, The Colony police

Joel Herrera, 36, six counts of invasive visual recording, Lewisville police

Jose Agreda-Escobar, 25, indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault, Lewisville police

Jay Marcom, 37, two counts of indecency with a child, Lewisville police

Richard Seay, 32, four counts of sexual assault, Carrollton police

Bengy Giron, 27, indecency with a child, sexual assault, Denton County Sheriff's Office

Edward Barks, 32, injury to a child, Denton police

Brian Edwards, 50, three counts of aggravated assault against public servant, Denton County Constable Pct. 6

Christopher Cruz, 38, attempted sexual assault, Denton police

Jason Harris, 38, aggravated assault, Denton police

Marcus Jackson, 32, three counts of robbery, Denton police; robbery, Corinth police

Margo Wences, 40, aggravated assault, Denton police

Raul Garcia, 47, aggravated assault, Denton police

Omar Tovar, 20, robbery, Denton police

Ashton Robison, 20, robbery, Denton police

Kevin Walker, 28, robbery, Denton police

Lola Woods, 55, harassment by persons in certain correctional facilities, Denton police

Delwood King, 50, aggravated assault, Little Elm police

Joshua Shoemaker, 25, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, Denton County Sheriff's Office