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Denton joins nationwide "March for Science" Saturday afternoon

Hundreds of scientists, students and local fans of science have planned Denton's "March for Science" early Saturday afternoon. 

Marchers will walk a 2-mile route from University of North Texas science buildings to Texas Woman's University science buildings. The march is part of nearly 500 marches around the country rallying behind the value of science for human progress. 

Community participants are welcome at this family-friendly event. Marchers will gather between the Chemistry and Environmental Science buildings at the University of North Texas (Mulberry Street at Avenue C) at 12:30 p.m. The march begins at 1 p.m. heading north to Hickory Street, east for several blocks to Fry Street, then north around the City Parc at Fry Street apartments, before heading east again on Congress Street to the edge of Quakertown Park. Then, the march heads north on Oakland Street to the Anne Stuart Science Complex at TWU. 

Special activities at the conclusion of the march include creating postcards for public officials on the value of science. 

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page: