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The other high holiday

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Lucinda Breeding

This fest is for the jokers, smokers and midnight tokers

For Ashes Smoke Shop (and tokers everywhere), today is a holiday of sorts.

Stoners -- and recreational marijuana users -- observe 4:20 p.m. as happy hour, and April 20 as a, ahem, high holiday. 

Ashes Smoke Shop hosts the 420 Festival today at the shop, located at -- wait for it -- 420 S. Carroll Blvd. The festival features live glass blowing and local music from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. today.

There are some perks, too: free munchies, and chances to win $2,000 in prizes and a trip for two to Denver, Colorado.

-- Lucinda Breeding


Today at Ashes Smoke Shop, 420 S. Carroll Blvd.

2 p.m. -- Nakamara

1 p.m. -- Neely Rose

2 p.m. -- American Hart Throb

3 p.m. -- Sea Fire

4 p.m. -- Warren Heuristic

5 p.m. -- Puddin Taine

6 p.m. -- DJ Sno White

7 p.m. -- GCD's

8 p.m. -- Orcanaut

9 p.m. -- MNKR


10 p.m. -- Joe Coffee, Taylor Homewrecker, Carry Cool Tripp, Colton Jones