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Back to School: Parents hope teachers will cut them some slack

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School supply lists are appearing in local stores, and dress code-worthy clothes are appearing on the racks. Local families are getting ready to start the school year right. We asked local parents what they'd like to share with teachers and school staff members as they ready their classrooms.

We're having all the feelings ...

"I'm so excited for this school year! It's our son's senior year at Denton High School! He's our only child, so it begins and ends with him! I can't even think about it some days or I'll burst into tears ... and his dad is worse than I am! He's had wonderful teachers in every grade, from kindergarten on. We are so thankful for Denton ISD. They've been good to us!"

-- Angela Holtz, Denton

... But we're spread pretty thin, too

"Please understand some of us are single, work full time, commute, and the kids have 12-hour days, too. We are gone from 7-ish to 6-ish from home. We do practice our spelling words, though. Know that we appreciate all you do!"

-- Terra Wilson, Denton

"Remember parents aren't the enemy and should be welcomed in the school as support. Remember teachers aren't baby sitters and your Johnny/Susie is not always right."

-- Eric Horton, Denton

When our kids act up, be thoughtful about discipline

"I wish teachers wouldn't use my child to help other children with behavior problems. I also wish they would not use group punishments. If my child is the only one who did what was asked, then she should be allowed to go to recess or library or whatever, not lose her privileges due to the actions of others, which is beyond her control."

-- Laurita Parker, Denton

"For the teachers, please remember that we are trusting you with our babies. They are young and impressionable, and think highly of you even on their worst days. Give them a chance to turn their day around when they make mistakes. And recognize that sometimes acting up is a sign that they need more of a challenge."

-- Maggie Hernandez, Denton County

We're all in this together

"Everyone needs to be positive. Kids hear everything! Parents and teachers need to work together. Don't be each other's enemy."

-- Amy Wiltgen, Denton

"If I, as a parent, want to be involved and ask questions and hold my son accountable -- please don't be dismissive. I've had teachers and even the [vice principal] of my son's former school [say] that 'since he's not failing or being disruptive, there's nothing for us to talk about.' Less than two weeks later, he went from an 80 average to a 48. I want nothing more than to see my child succeed and be productive. I understand class size and the attention classes demand -- but let me be as involved as I can be!"

-- Amanda Edwards, Denton

"I hope the school knows that we are a team! My students are there eight hours a day, five days a week. If I only hear about 'the big issues,' how can I redirect and possibly avoid the issue? I can't fix it if I don't know about it! Also, I expect my students to say 'yes, ma'am, no, ma'am, yes, sir, no, sir.' When you say that it's not necessary, it goes against my personal ethics!"

-- Josie Penton, Valley View

About that test ...

"Stop teaching only to the assessment, and do NOT tell me again to administer Advil and bring my child with a 103-degree fever and a strep diagnosis to school to take the STAAR [State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness test] just so you don't get docked. K? Thanks."

-- Tori Berna

"Quit making them terrified of the STAAR test from the first day of school!"

-- Michelle Sanders, Denton County

It's the classroom, not a pulpit

"Educators need to keep their religious beliefs and political beliefs out of school and teach what is state mandated, whether it goes against your own beliefs or not! I send my kids to public school, not a religious private school. Treat people the way you want to be treated. That includes kids. Keep in mind that you may have a kid in school that a teacher may be treating poorly."

-- Sarah Barnett-Lange, Krum

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