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DRC file photo

Denton City Council renews energy conservation program

Denton will offer incentives for electric vehicles for the first time next year, part of a budget boost to the city's GreenSense program. 

The program provides rebates for individual energy conservation projects as well as for rooftop solar. 

The Denton City Council increased budget for solar rebates to $300,000 in 2017-18. Home and business owners who install rooftop solar can apply for a partial rebate of their cost from Denton Municipal Electric. 

In addition, the council increased the budget for rebates for energy efficiency projects to $300,000 next year. This program rebates costs of a number of projects, such as smart thermostats, attic insulation, efficient air conditioners and more. 

For the first time, the city will offer a $300 incentive to owners of electric cars in exchange for a pledge to charge their vehicle overnight, during off-peak hours, when electricity is the least expensive. 

For more information on the rebates, download the GreenSense manual from the city's website.

FEATURED PHOTO: Electric vehicle charging stations sit in the parking lot of Wooten Hall at the University of North Texas. (DRC file photo)