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Getaway man in driver's seat of 'Wheelman'

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Preston Barta

Wheelman (3.5 stars) - Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy, Captain America: Winter Soldier) stars as a getaway driver who is thrust into a high stakes chase across town when a bank robbery goes wrong. But where the film steers into new territory is by narrowing its focus: Wheelman hardly leaves the site of our titular character and the vehicle he drives. Wheelman could best be described as a cross between Drive and Locke. The fact that it keeps the audience in the driver's seat and the story dead simple makes us all the more involved with the driver's intense story. Not rated (but it has nearly 300 f-bombs, so that should tell you something), 82 minutes. Available Friday on Netflix.

FEATURED IMAGE: Frank Grillo plays a getaway driver in 'Wheelman.'