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Early results show Denton voters skeptical about changing recall rules

Early voting results show Denton voters skeptical about changing the rules to recall elected officials. 

Proposition  B would increase the number of signatures required on a recall petition from the current 25 percent to 35 percent of the votes cast in a previous election. Early returns show voters opposed the charter change by a wide margin, 55 percent to 45 percent. 

Propositions tied to ethics reforms had overwhelming support among early voters. Proposition D requires the City Council to adopt an ethics ordinance. Nearly 87 percent of early voters approved Prop. D. Similarly, Proposition A., which requires elected officials live in the city, garnered 94 percent of the early vote. Proposition C, which requires the city to hire an internal auditor, got 85 percent of the early vote. 

Proposition E would allow elected officials be paid a stipend for the first time. The measure had a comfortable approval margin with early voters, with nearly 55 percent approving the change to the city charter.