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Good things come in small movies

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Preston Barta

Lady Bird (4 stars) - Coming of age movies run on a tired track, but filmmaker Greta Gerwig (Mistress America, Frances Ha) injects true life into the genre with her clever and relatable directorial debut Lady Bird. Anchored by career-defining turns by Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn) and Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne), Gerwig hatches a story about an strong-willed teenager who tries to make something of herself as she journeys to adulthood and gets into a good college. With so many superhero blockbusters and overwhelming dramas crowding multiplexes, why not try an inviting and lively movie about growth on for size? As one of the year’s best films, Lady Bird promises to entertain as much as it puts your life in perspective. Rated R, 93 minutes. At the Angelika Film Center in Plano and Magnolia Theatre in Dallas.

FEATURED IMAGE: Laurie Metcalf, right and Saoirse Ronan play mother and daughter in Lady Bird. Photo courtesy of Merie Wallace/A24.