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'Bad Idea' gets limited run in Dallas

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Preston Barta

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong - Filmed in Fort Worth, this crime-comedy centers on two aspiring crooks (Will Rogers and Matt Jones) who are looking to carry out their first score. However, as smart as they think they are, they find themselves in over their heads when they accidentally arm the alarm system after breaking into a fancy house. Once they discover an unexpected house sitter (Eleanore Pienta), their new mission of trying to break out of the house they broke into gets more complicated. A Bad Idea Gone Wrong is kicking off its limited theatrical run and digital release by doing a special screening with a Q&A tonight at 7:15 -p.m. at the Studio Movie Grill - Spring Valley. Tickets for the screening and the remaining weeks' run are on sale at

FEATURED IMAGE: Eleanore Pienta, left, Will Rogers and Matt Jones find themselves in a botched robbery in the locally-filmed 'A Bad Idea Gone Wrong.' Courtesy of Red Productions.