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Insight Denton

Why are the crosswalk signals delayed around the Square? Some people seem to think they aren’t working and step out into traffic.

Traffic signals on the Square are more than 20 years old and don’t communicate with each other. Without the delayed “walk” signals, lines of traffic would back up around the Square, especially now that the Square is filled with more pedestrians than ever.

With that popularity, the problem of people disregarding the crosswalk signal has become more noticeable. The city’s mobility committee discussed the problem last year, according to Julie Anderson, the city’s bike and pedestrian coordinator.

Since the city plans to install new traffic signals on the Square this year, no changes to the current cycle for downtown lights are planned, Anderson said.

Instead, the city is trying to educate downtown visitors. A Facebook page and video urge people to “Stop for the Hand, Follow the Man” when visiting the Square.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe



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