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Insight Denton: Why aren’t the city’s GreenSense rebates restricted to families that need the help lowering theirelectric bills?

The city operates the GreenSense incentive program so that all ratepayers can benefit from the cost savings. Phil Williams, general manager for Denton Municipal Electric, often says the least expensive electricity is power the city-owned utility doesn’t have to buy.

That’s the philosophy behind the GreenSense program, according to DME spokesman Brian Daskam.

“Our GreenSense rebates (including solar rebates) are designed to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy in Denton,” Daskam says.

Customers in good standing who make energy efficiency improvements to their home or business can get a rebate for part of the costs. Qualifying projects including improvements to heating and cooling systems, air ducts, attic insulation and radiant barriers, energy-efficient windows and solar screens.

DME also offers $50 rebates for smart thermostats, although officials say a program that will make full use of smart thermostats is still a year away.

The amount spent on the GreenSense program (about $250,000 next year) isn’t large enough to affect the department’s budget (about $200 million) or the price it pays for power, Daskam said.

But that doesn’t mean families who can’t afford the initial investment are out of luck. Denton also helps lower-income families make energy improvements to their homes through grant programs run by the Community Development Division.

For more information, email or call 940-349-7726.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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