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David Minton

Insight Denton

What happens when you cast a ballot electronically in Denton County?

Is my vote safe?

Yes. According to Lannie Noble, Denton County elections administrator, once voters select the red check mark confirming they’ve completed their ballot, the results are stored in three places: on a memory card; on the hard drive in a sealed compartment of the judge booth controller, which issues the code voters receive for activating their electronic ballot; and on the hard drive of the device where the voter cast a ballot.

“It [the results] stays locked until it’s brought to the [elections] office,” Noble said. “Everything is secured until it’s time to count the vote.”

That includes electronic ballots cast during early voting, which are placed into a safe until Election Day, he said.

Noble said no electronic voting equipment is connected to the internet, which keeps election returns from being compromised by hacking.

He said electronic voting is just like voting with a paper ballot. “There’s no way to retrieve a specific ballot once it’s stored to a memory card,” Noble said.

For people who prefer paper ballots, that option is still available.

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— Britney Taylor


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