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Insight Denton

I drive an older car and use my phone for navigation. What do I do if Denton bans using devices while driving?

Depending on how old your car or pickup is, you might have Bluetooth capability in your stereo. (Bluetooth is a standard wireless connection between your phone and other electronics.) You can purchase a “hands-free kit” from an electronics store to mount your phone on your dash, set up the wireless connection between your phone and your vehicle and then listen to the turn-by-turn directions through your speakers.

Also, you might consider a phone mount that uses the electric current in your car’s cigarette lighter to help keep your phone charged while in use.

If your car is too old to connect through your stereo, you don’t need to upgrade your stereo. Instead, purchase a small, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker with a suction mount to affix to your windshield. (The batteries usually last several hours.) Put your phone in the mount, set up the wireless connection between your phone and the speaker, and you can be safer on the road.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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