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Barron Ludlum/Staff Photographer/Denton Record Chronicle DENTON RECORD-CHRONICLE

Insight Denton: Is the trail around Unicorn Lake open to the public?

And, why are the lights suddenly not working?

The developer of Unicorn Lake and its surrounding businesses and neighborhoods granted the city an easement for a public trail. Emerson Vorel, Denton’s parks director, said the easement means that the public is allowed access to the trail and bridges.

The trail has proved popular for walkers and runners, but the lights around the trail have been out for a while.

The trail easement didn’t say anything about the lights, Vorel said. For many years, a homeowners’ association paid the electric bill. The parks department is aware that the lights have been off and is working to get them turned back on as soon as possible.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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