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Insight Denton: Can penalties escalate for repeated noise violations?

Yes. Generally, if warnings from Denton police go unheeded by house partiers or loud bands, police can issue a citation for a violation of the city noise ordinance. The violation is considered a Class C misdemeanor, and a judge can assess a fine of up to $500 in municipal court.

The officer can also issue a ticket for disorderly conduct, which is a state misdemeanor that carries the same penalty if it's noise-related.

Chronic noise violations may lead to an arrest, but it all hinges on the officer's individual discretion. The officer might make an arrest if there are other state law violations where the noise is occurring. They also might make an arrest if they are repeatedly called to the same house on a daily or weekly basis. But again, an arrest is entirely up to the officer.

The city considers noise a violation if it is "unreasonable." The various types of "unreasonable" noise can be found in the city of Denton noise ordinance.