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Insight Denton: How can I become a deputy voter registrar?

Many civic-minded people volunteer to help others complete their voter registration forms correctly. You may see them at a table at a community event or they may ask you about your registration status outside the grocery store when an election looms.

To become a volunteer deputy registrar, you first must fill out an application form, called a "Request for Appointment" available on the Denton County Elections Administration website. Next, sign up and attend one of the training classes. When completed, you'll take your oath, receive your certificate of appointment and a receipt book.

The elections administration office also offers one-on-one training during regular business hours. 

Check the personal criteria on the application form to make sure you qualify to serve. Once deputized, you may distribute and accept voter registration applications for Denton County residents.

All deputy registrars working now and through the November 2018 election will see their term end on Dec. 31, 2018.

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FEATURED PHOTO: The Dallas Morning News file photo.