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Insight Denton: Can churches hold services inside public school facilities?

Yes, but they have to follow some rules. It's a common practice for school districts to rent out their facilities during non-school hours to youth organizations, nonprofits or religious congregations.

To keep the separation between church and state, districts must open up its facilities to all denominations and make everyone pay rent. The religious organizations must make sure the space is left exactly how they found it and don't leave any posters or signs that might promote their religion during school hours.

As long  as people follow district policy and don't damage anything, groups are allowed to worship on Saturdays and Sundays in school facilities.

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FEATURED PHOTO: A churchgoer raises his hand in worship as Christ Community Church begins services in the Campus Theatre in Denton for the first time Sunday, March 5. The church used to congregate in the Festival Hall at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center for the last few years, but as it undergoes renovation, the group will worship in the theater.
DRC file photo