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Insight Denton: It seems like there is more litter around town lately. Is that true?

Yes, sadly. Volunteers with Keep Denton Beautiful recently finished a systematic count they do every year of the city's roads and right-of-ways and found more litter this year. 

No area was so bad that they needed to go out and do an emergency clean-up, but they did note there was more litter on the city's north and east sides than in year's past. The city's southern neighborhoods looked a little better, according to a report filed by Autumn Natalie, outreach coordinator of Keep Denton Beautiful. 

In her report, Natalie said the increase could be because of the city's growing population. Wind and rain could be contributing to the problem, too. Volunteers will use the count to target future community clean-up efforts, she said.  

In addition to being unsightly, litter eventually finds its way into streams, rivers and lakes, making the water more expensive to clean for drinking. To help with the problem, residents don't have to wait for the next community clean-up. Sign up for Ten on Tuesday, the anti-litter promotion sponsored by area water suppliers. Or, simply take a bag with you on your next neighborhood walk, pick up what you find and dispose of it in your household trash.