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Insight Denton: What are those street markings with the bicycle and the 'corporal' stripes?

The marking is called a "sharrow," which means bicyclists are expected to use the full lane for travel. 

Narrow streets pose particular hazards for bicyclists. Cars and trucks cannot pass them at a safe distance. In addition, bicyclists need to keep some distance from parked cars. Some bicyclists are injured every year when people open their truck or car door into them.  

Denton paints sharrows on streets that are narrow, have few cars and a speed limit that is less than 30 mph. This helps limit the inconvenience to drivers who might find themselves behind a cyclist for a brief time. 

Denton's bike and pedestrian plan calls for about 27 miles of city streets to be shared in some fashion, including sharrows. That's about 8 percent of the city's 350 miles of roadways that will eventually include some kind travel lane for bicycles. 

You can find more information about the city's plan for cyclists and pedestrians on the city's website

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FEATURED PHOTO: Sharrows were painted on Jagoe Street between Oak and Scripture streets about six years ago. The shared-lane arrows indicate that bicycles may use the full lane.
DRC file photo