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Insight Denton: Do veterinarians make house calls for older people whose pets need shots, etc.?

Yes. Some veterinarians practice exclusively from a mobile clinic. A few of those practices are so popular they aren't accepting new patients. Some clinic-based veterinarians also offer mobile services. One sub-specialty of mobile vets help families through pet euthanasia at home.

If your regular veterinarian clinic doesn’t offer mobile services, ask for a referral to a mobile veterinarian. You can also search online and check online reviews before making an appointment with a mobile veterinarian. 

Consider taking any such search a few steps further. First, check whether the veterinarian or clinic is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Also, verify their license and check their disciplinary record with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

The Better Business Bureau is a national nonprofit that helps consumers resolve complaints with all kinds of businesses. Not all businesses join the BBB, but those that do establish a track record of delivering results to a high standard. Search at

You can verify a veterinarian’s license and disciplinary history with the state board by clicking on “Licensee Search” (under "Important Links"). The board recently reduced the amount of information published online, so to indicate whether the vet has a disciplinary history, you will see only the words “yes” or “no.” For disciplinary actions from 2014 or before, basic information from the state board is published on a consumer advocacy website, For more recent or detailed information, you will have to follow the agency’s instructions to file an open records request.

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FEATURED PHOTO:  Bobbie Rivers, left, Edith Polich and their dogs, Miss Murphy and Buddy,  live at Dogwood Estates in Denton. Earlier this year the assisted living center opened a dog park for its residents and their furry companions.