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Insight Denton: My employer didn't pay all my wages. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, you can file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission. 

The agency enforces the Texas Payday Law, which covers all Texas business entities (but not public employers such as federal, state and local governments). If you believe you have not been paid all wages you have earned, submit a claim sooner rather than later. You have 180 days after the date the wages first came due to file your claim. Miss that deadline and the agency won't be able to help you. 

The agency launched a new online application to securely file a claim and monitor its progress. The TWC prepared a tutorial on using the new system. The tutorial explains how the claims process works, the documents you need to have and other ways to get help. 

The agency will still accept claims on paper either sent by mail or fax. 

If you have questions, call the agency in Austin at 512-475-2670 or toll-free at 800-832-9243. 

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