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County health officials confirm second human case of West Nile; more spraying scheduled

Public health officials reported Wednesday that they have confirmed the second human case of West Nile Virus in Denton County in 2017. 

The person lives on the east side of Lewisville in an unincorporated portion of the county and was diagnosed with West Nile fever, a less serious form of the virus.  

In addition, crews will spray for mosquitoes overnight Thursday, Friday and Saturday in three areas of southern Denton County after traps tested positive. 

The areas to be sprayed include Sleepy Hollow Trail, west of Little Elm; central and eastern neighborhoods in South Paloma Creek; and in the Castle Hills Community of southeastern Lewisville. 

Juan Rodriguez, the chief epidemiologist at the Denton County Health Department, reminded residents Wednesday that it was important to minimize their exposure to mosquitoes. 

To help minimize the risk, experts recommend you drain standing water around your home, such as bird baths or pet dishes. Add mosquito dunks to standing water that cannot be eliminated. Use insect repellent and dress in long sleeves, pants and socks. Remember that mosquitoes are most active during dusk and dawn. 

For more information, visit the county's website, including detailed maps of spray areas, visit